High Quality Thermal POS Slip Printer in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Super Fast Printing: High Quality Thermal POS Slip Printer will provide you the fastest printing speed which is up to 250mm/second. This printer is extremely fast, print a much sharper receipt. So it will print smoothly and fastly for you while there will be a rush of customers at your checkout counter.
  • Able to Connect Multiple Devices: This high quality digital slip printer will be able to connect with POS terminals, tablets and mobile devices. Yes it can be connected with multiple devices as well.
  • High Resolution Printing: High Quality Thermal POS Slip Printer provides high-quality printing resolution (180 dpi) so that you and your customers can satisfy with the slip.
  • Able to Connect Web Software: This thermal slip printer allows connecting with web software. So you can work with it by connecting any web software.
  • Supported Interface: This slip printer supports USB, Parallel, Serial, and Ethernet as well.
  • Usage Area: This Thermal POS Slip Printer is highly recommended and has used generally the checkout counters of the super shops, super market or retail store. You can also found them in the restaurants and service stations as well.

Product Features

Super fast printing service
Top class printing resolution results
Ease of use by employees
Easy handling -- no ink/ribbon
Lower operating costs

Why Use This Product

POS receipt printers generally act as a piece of hardware for the POS software. Nowadays POS receipt printers are paper rolls instead of paper sheets. These POS printers are very cost effective. Thermal publishing has a variety of important benefits over conventional printing processes; it is fast, clean, silent, efficient and easy to keep. There are a restricted number of technical parts, no unpleasant lace or ribbons, and no inks are needed to create the slip image. This is why we brought the High Quality Thermal POS Slip Printer for you for the convenience. Thermal printing is done by a thermal print head that applies head directly to special thermal paper. When a specific temperature is applied the dyes and developers in the thermal paper chemically react and turn the paper the specific color of the dye. Thermal pos printers are able to print at considerably quicker rates than other slip printers. Their publishing brings make slips in milliseconds, leading to considerably quicker lines per second (lps) and slips which dry extremely quickly. This increased speed enables quicker publishing of brands for delivery or appearance and invoices for verifying the customers. Generally, thermal printers are inkless, using heat to respond with the document to make pictures, for going lace or refills in the process. Without the need for these consumables, businesses can reduce providers. The only usable needed for thermal printing is the document. Heat photo printers make excellent quality, stronger pictures than effect photo printers. High Quality Thermal POS Slip Printer produces clear, long-lasting slips that are more immune to factors such as sebum, environment, UV radiation, etc. Thermal pos printers contain less moving parts than their effect alternatives, which in turn makes them stronger and efficient. There are fewer things that can go wrong, leading to less down time for thermal slip printers. Additionally, servicing costs are significantly lower as complicated servicing are needless and service required less frequently. All of this brings to a reduced sum total of ownership. Compared to dot matrix printers, High Quality Thermal POS Slip Printer is with high printing speed, low noise, clear printing, and easy to use. But thermal printer cannot print duplex, printed documents cannot be permanently stored, if use the best thermal paper, then can be kept for ten years. The benefits of thermal pos printers are powerful. A heat invoice publishing device uses a printhead with few shifting areas and they fit in a slim area about three inches wide across. Due to the simple characteristics of the publishing process, there is none of the whir, clatter and hype built into other slip printers. Since there are at least a few hundred spots to the inches, High Quality Thermal POS Slip Printer provides an image that is improved and better than the conventional invoice publishing device. And it’s more consistent slip because there is no ribbon to deteriorate. Thermal pos slip printer technology is that where customers enjoy publishing rates of speed that range from one range to over collections per second. This fast efficiency not only helps move the check out counter, it eliminates the need for the two-ply document. We have developed the High Quality Thermal POS Slip Printer to install directly to the wall effortlessly without any additional accessories. Use this hole to secure the printer directly to your wall for space-saving convenience. Internal fixture keeps the paper in place during printing for smooth printing job every time. So lots of advantages there if you see. Then why don't you buy it now?


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