Hundure Rac 900P Access Control Reviews & Price in Bangladesh

Product Description:

Hundure Rac 900P Time Attendance Access Control Machine in Bangladesh is a multi-featured and highly efficient access controlling system which isHundure-Rac-900P-Time-Attendance-Access-Control-System--in-Bangladesh proudly presented to you by Projuktishop! This is a gem of a product if you are looking for a long-lasting and superior quality access controlling system. An additional option of this device is that it has integrated Time Attendance feature for keeping every single details of employees or people that pass through Hundure Rac 900P Time Attendance Access Control Machine. This device allows limited number of attempts for accessing through swipe cards which adds to the help of finding out potentially dangerous people in your desired place. Moreover, you get the notification of 90% memory fill up immediately. Another key benefit that makes Hundure Rac 900P Time Attendance Access Control Machine your ultimate choice is that it consumes only a maximum of 5W electricity to operate which keeps the electricity bills lower as you exactly desired! Also this device can connect with TCP/IP converter which will provide you real time alarm notification as well! You can anytime contact us for ordering in Dhaka to avail such a handy and beneficial product to safeguard your desired places like home, office, factory etc.

Why Use This:

Comparatively low power consumption: You get to enjoy less electricity bills due to using this product as it consumes only 5W of power to operate. Thus you are getting premium performance with lesser cost.

TCP/IP Connectivity: Hundure Rac 900P Time Attendance Access Control Machine is capable of connecting with nearby TCP/IP converter to provide pinpoint real time alarm notification to the user for ensuring complete security.

Multiple scheduling: A total of 8 time schedules and 60 holiday schedules can set on this machine to work swiftly and that too without much of human interaction! This helps you to have lesser contact with the device.

External Slave Reader Connectivity: Suppose the device reader has encountered a problem and it is not functioning. Still, no you have no worries! In case there has been a problem with readers, this device has the feature to connect itself with external slave readers to work uninterruptedly.

 Products Feature:

·         Very High Memory capacity 4,096 cardholders / 2,048 events
·         Dual functioning feature for Access Controlling and Time & Attendance Management
·         Real Time Clock confirms accurate time even when there is power failure
·         Limitation of unsuccessful swipe card attempts to block potentially threatening attempts of entrance
·         connect to external slave reader in case of emergency
·         mandatory warning notification when memory is 90% filled up


Products Specification:

Input ports No. of sensors = 8
(5 input port reserved for using)
(Exit Button, Case & Door Sensors)
Output Ports 2 Relay (1 x Door Lock port, 1 x Alarm port)
No. of Cardholders 4,096
No. of Events A maximum of 2,048
LED Indicator(s) 2;  Power x 1, COMM. x 1
LCD Display 2 line messages, 16 characters per line with back light
No. of keys in Keypad 15 keys (0~9, F1, F2, F3, CE & Enter)
Real Time Clock Yes
Beep Tone Buzzer sound
ID Setting Done by Software
Read Format & Range ABA-Track2 / Wiegand26 x 1
Type of barcode Resolution: 0.15mm;
Scanning Speed:100~1000mm/sec
Magnetic Type ISO3554 Standard Track 1 or 2 or 3
Scanning Speed: 3~40ips
Type of proximity RF 125 KHz, Effective range: 8~10cm
Type of Mifare RF 13.56 MHz, Effective range: 0~5cm
Type of HID RF 125 KHz, Wiegand26
Power Output DC5V 100mA / DC12V 100mA (maximum) for slave reader
Power Input DC 12V / 1A
Power Consumption maximum  5W
Comm. Interface RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485
Comm. Baud rate 9600 bps-N-8-1
Operating Temperature. 0° C ~ 50° C / 32° F ~ 122° F
Comparative Humidity 20% ~ 80% (without condensing)
Dimension 153mm(L) x 120mm(W) x 60mm(H)
Weight (Device) 692g