Soda Fountain Coke Vending Machine

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Key Points Of Product

  • Production Time: Our Soda Fountain Coke Vending Machine makes soft drinks by trapping CO2 in the water by generating huge pressure. The complete process of making soft drinks only takes 4.8 seconds.
  • High-Performance Carbonator: As we know, you cannot mix water and CO2 together. And without this, your machine cannot make soft drinks. So the vending machine needs to have a high-performance carbonator that will inject CO2 into the water creating carbonated water. Then that carbonator combines water and CO2 by putting huge pressure to make soft drinks. And with a high-performance carbonator, our soda fountain machine does that very well.
  • Syrup Pumps & Boxes: To make various soft drinks, our coke vending machine relies upon 6 syrup pumps and 6 boxes of syrups. The syrup pumps are connected to the water supply. Then Syrup pump sends the signal of the chosen flavor of a particular person who wants that particular drinks.
  • Built-in CO2 Cylinder: Soda Fountain Coke Vending Machine features a built-in CO2 cylinder to create the pressure to mix CO2 and water. The cylinder features a tap beside. When the tap is pushed in the pump sends water to the carbonator, the cylinder also sends CO2 to the carbonator. And most importantly, when the CO2 gas is finish, it will generate an alert.
  • Storage Capacity: Our soda fountain machine can store up to 180L of water at once. You can just chill after refilling once and watch people taking drinks.
  • Body Material: As you know we never compromise with the quality, the construction of our soda vending machine is high-quality steel materials to serve you for years after years.
  • High-Low Voltage Mode: This feature makes our Soda Fountain Coke Vending Machine a standout product. Because you can use it in a high voltage or low voltage according to your needs. No matter what mode you go on, this machine works just fine from 220 to 440 V.
  • Glass Counting System: One cup of soft drink that this soda fountain machine provides, contains one glass of water and the equivalent of 5 glasses of CO2 trapped in water. The soda vending machine also will count the amount of glass that you have provided in a day.
  • User-Friendly: Our soda fountain machine is very easy to install. In terms of operation, any of you can operate very easily since it’s a self-guided machine.
  • Warranty: We provide 1-year warranty with our specialized soda fountain machine.

Product Features

·        Glass counting system
·        Features water empty alert system
·        CO2 empty alert system
·        The inbuilt water supply tank
·        Stainless steel body
·        Heavy-duty model
·        Four side cover stand
·        Big space inside the stand
·        High-low voltage
·        Well protection system
·        The inventor mode available

Why Use This Product

What is Soda Fountain Coke Vending Machine?

Soda Fountain Coke Vending Machine is a kind of vending machine with soft drinks. It provides you soft drinks at an instant when you insert money or you Credit Card into the machine.


What does a coke vending machine do?

This coke vending machine is a machine that will give you items like soft drinks after cash, a MasterCard, or a card with a special machine is inserted into the machine.


How does a fountain soda machine work?

In our Soda Fountain Coke Vending Machine, CO2 is separated into the water by extending the CO2 pressure using the carbonator. The booster pumps influence the water to increase the pressure, enabling the CO2 to diffuse into the water.

Later, the soda water is blended in with flavored syrup to make the soda or soft drinks. The syrup and carbonated water combine and exit out of the spout, which is actuated when a user pushes down on a switch. The syrup is saved in plastic bags that are associated with the cylinders. The soft drink flavoring is drawn from the plastic packs using the air pressure when a user pushes down the switch.

Moreover, the ice canister keeps the soft drink cold and supplies the customers with ice for their beverages.


 Where can you use this coke vending machine?

You can install this coke vending machine at hotels, offices, retail stores, manufacturing facilities and auto repair shops. This machine can be used to provide soft drinks at commercial places.


How much time does this coke vending machine take to produce soft drinks?

It would only take 4.8 seconds for this coke vending machine to provide you with soft drinks.


Can this coke vending machine produce different types of drinks?

Yes, this Soda Fountain Coke Vending Machine can provide you with different types of drinks such as 7-up, Sprite, Mountain Dew, etc. Our coke vending machine uses 6 syrup pumps and 6 boxes of syrups so that it can create various soft drinks.


Is this coke vending machine durable?

Yes, this coke vending machine is made of high-quality stainless steel so this machine is very durable. We at Nobarun International, never compromise the quality of our products so all of our products are made of the finest caliber.


How much water can this Soda Fountain Coke Vending Machine contain?

You would be glad to know that our soda vending machine can store up to 180L of water at once so you can refill at once and relax.


What makes this coke vending machine different than others?

Our coke vending machine has a high-low voltage mode which allows you to switch from 220V up to 440V. If you want to use it on a high voltage then you can do that and on the other side, if you want to use it on a low voltage to save power then you can do that as well. This feature makes the whole process more efficient and makes it different than other soft drink vending machines.


Is this Soda Fountain Coke Vending Machine safe to use?

Yes, this coke vending machine is very user-friendly and safe to use. This soda vending machine is easy to install and since it’s a self-guided machine, you can easily learn how to use it. You do not have to worry about any safety issues as we make sure all of our products are safe and we will provide you 1-year warranty with this coke vending machine.


Why should you buy this coke vending machine?

If you are a manager of an office then in order to save time, you can buy this vending machine as your employees will not need to go outside every time they require a soft drink so you can give your office a morale boost. However, if you own a hotel or a restaurant, you will see a lot of people asking for soft drinks and in order to serve them in an instant, you could use this Soda Fountain Coke Vending Machine as it is incredibly fast at providing soft drinks.


How much area do I need for a Soda Fountain Machine?

The coke dispensing machines come in several dimensions with the complementary equipment as well. Actually, the syrup boxes and the CO2 tank take the more comprehensive part of the area (approximately a 5-gallon syrup box is about 11"x15"x").

The syrup pumps can be designed in several ways to use the available area perfectly. It also can be mounted sideways to use less level space and be in a single line or multiple lines.

The standard carbonators are about 12" x 12" x 12" and a 20lb. The CO2 tank is normally 28" high and 8" in width.


Can you put vending machines anywhere?

Every hotels or resort have customers all year and they are glad to have your soda fountain machine positioned at someplace that has an easy way. Simply ensure there are sufficient people gatherings to maintain the cost of having your soda fountain machine introduced there.


What is the price of this Soda Fountain Coke Vending Machine?

If you are looking for the best soda fountain vending machine in Bangladesh, you will find Soda Fountain Coke Vending Machine here in Nobarun International, where the best quality with a reasonable price BDT


Where can I buy Soda Fountain Coke Vending Machine in Dhaka Bangladesh?

We, Nobarun International are one of the trusted sources when it comes to buy kitchen appliances, industrial or commercial vending machines or dispensers and a wide range of commercial equipment. We have been serving the best quality with the reasonable price to our beloved customers. So you will find Soda Fountain Coke Vending Machine in Nobarun International.


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