Semi Automatic Electronic Tripod Turnstile in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Waist Height Turnstile: Semi Automatic Electronic Tripod Turnstile comprises of a tripod barrier arm installed at waist height that rotates to allow entry. Thus you and your people can be in and out without any suffering.
  • High Performance and Cost Effective: This cost-effective barrier product is stylish and designed to face the misuse of a huge transportation system. As a result, you will get its high performance by investing less money to purchase it.
  • Bi-directional Access Control: This turnstile is bi-directional which makes it suitable for the indoor and outdoor environment.
  • Emergency Arm Drop: If the power failure happens or any emergency case; the arm will drop; to provide free passage. The arm will return to its regular position when the power will be resumed.
  • Made of Quality Material: Our Semi Automatic Electronic Tripod Turnstile is made of stainless steel housing and top, Electromagnetic Locking Mechanism, Servo Motor with automatic revolving arm which makes it durable and effective.
  • Area of Use: These turnstile access controls are normally used in public accessibility locations, such as parks, office, organization, and stadiums, to deal with the large visitors arriving into the facility.

Product Features

·         Quick Pass Time
·         Smart Response
·         Stainless Steel Arm
·         Low Power Cost
·         Warranty

Product Specification

·         Power Supply Input·         AC230 ± 10V
·         Power Voltage·         24 V DC
·         Power Consumption During Idle AC·         0.07 Amp DC : 0.16 Amp
·         Power Consumption During Operation·         AC : 0.02 Amp DC : 0.72 Amp
·         Passage width·         60 cm
·         Response Time·         0.3 second
·         Pass Speed·         25 person per minute
·         Housing / Arm·         Stainless Steel
·         Internal Mechanism·         Mild Steel
·         Arm Disc·         Alloy chromed
·         Working temperatureo   -25Ԩ - 55Ԩ
·         Turnstile Net Weight·         52 kg
·         Turnstile Net Dimension·         99 x 48 x 28 cm
·         Turnstile weight with packaging box·         60Kg
·         Turnstile dimension with packaging box·         125 x 103 x 33 cm

Why Use This Product

Security is a growing trouble in the present day. From hackers acquiring useful information to scammers dangerous the protection of people and property, companies are recognizing the need for better security. To improve the physical security of components boasting, one of the best options is often the use of turnstiles to control employee and visitor availability. One of the significant increasing issues of the modern world is, of course, the protection and security. Criminals are harmful the protection of many people and their property and even hackers are obtaining the important info, these are very common these days. Various organizations and commercial places are looking for a far better choice for protection. To boost the level of actual physical protection of the features and the structures, one of the best options is Semi Automatic Electronic Tripod Turnstile; it is a high-tech choice to control the viewer's and the worker's accessibility. It is an honest choice even better than the protection officers. These may come with 100% protection and assurance. Projuktishop is here to provide this sort of service with this best Semi Automatic Electronic Tripod Turnstile in the business.

The Semi Automatic Electronic Tripod Turnstiles are the best access control solution that provides a combination of effective techniques as well as a restriction for unlawful entrances. A Time and Existence Viewers can be integrated into Employee presence programs. The benefits of using a Turnstile in evaluation to a conventional Gate include the better use of recruiting, enhanced balance and enhanced security. The process allows a single worker to get in into the property only after verification through the Access Control Factor that is integrated onto the Turnstile. To stop and finding the unlawful and undesirable information, our turnstile access control provides excellent and finish accessibility control. At the period of getting into in a service or office, the significant point of accessibility is obviously through the accessibility. Most typical and known treatment for providing security is, of course, including the card, power hair or finger marks viewers to the checkpoint. A secure or viewers always need a real and appropriate documentation for starting it but it does not have the power to control that how many desired people are getting into accessibility and how long the accessibility needs to stay begin. Illegal people can get into by the checkpoint following accepted workers by the security gate; the outcome of it is, of course, a "Tailgating" or security problem. Even accessibility never isolates the accepted moving path. For example, while the accessibility generates for the accessibility, it never controls the getting out of at the same time, when it begins. But Semi Automatic Electronic Tripod Turnstile can control that how many people are getting into and getting out of on every provided documentation. It also has the control over the moving path. To get in through the turnstile, a person should have the genuine credentials. This documentation signals the development restrictions for the system starting and allows just one person at the same time to get into and relocking instantly. Many turnstiles also come with the functions of telling and identify many circumstances like tailgating, pressured moving, and loitering. If there any type of unlawful accessibility it will generate the alert and deliver the concept to the customer to control that. The Semi Automatic Electronic Tripod Turnstile is a space-saving, effective and rather cost-effective system developed for availability control. They have indicated themselves to benefits at websites with excellent guests flow due to excellent guests flow perspective and contemporary overall look. Semi Automatic Electronic Tripod Turnstile is mostly set up at the access of government functions, office buildings, and educational companies and at availability control factors of vegetation. They can be operating out of narrow passageways and archways due to small dimensions. It should be noticed that identical designs like all other waist-high turnstiles are able to bar the way only partially (they can be increased over or jumped over) and for this reason, they should be set up near a safe and protected post. When turnstiles are current, affiliates can prevent the marriage party desk, progress up to the turnstile, current their credentials, and upon authorization from the consideration control system, proceed through the turnstile. If there are two or more turnstiles, a number of holiday makers throughout are effective in evaluation to using marriage party workers to sign up affiliates while dining. Associates will appreciate not having to suppress, as most turnstiles perform with about 30 people for each moment. Semi Automatic Electronic Tripod Turnstiles free up marriage party workers to provide better service while on control obligations and cash transactions even during the most discussed among times. Employees need to respond only when there is a tailgating aware or a problem with the participant control system acknowledging the credentials.


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    what is the origin of this product?

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    Recently we purchased 2 lane tripod turnstile gate from nobarun international for our Saiham Tower basement entry control system.
    Product was EU made & quality is super. we really happy to work with nobarun international.

    Thanks nobarun for your best support.