Remote Control Push Switch Car Parking Barrier Gate in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Fully Automated System: Remote Control Push Switch Car Parking Barrier Gate works totally in an automated method. It will automatically go back if it meets obstacles during closing. So you don’t have to open it or close it manually, it will do its job automatically under control. 
  • Noise and Shaking Free: The overall operation process of this automated barrier is really soft without any noise and shaking. So it’s very smooth and anti hectic.
  • Heavy Duty Balance Spring: The extra advantage is the heavy balance spring of this Remote Control Push Switch Car Parking Barrier Gate. The spring is anti noising and easy adjusting. 
  • Motor Temperature Control: The motor works -40°C to +75°C. Cooling fan machine is available which reduces the motor temperature by high frequency using, and never gets over-heated. 
  • Customized Barrier Arm: We are providing customizable barrier arm for our customer. So you can choose straight arm, telescopic arm, fence arm, folding arm whatever you like and all of arm are 3 meter to 6 meter. 
  • Strong Housing: Sturdy and strong housing 2.5 mm thick mild steel, Housing is polished, phosphoresced and further finished with a plastic coating to ensure long lasting bright colors.

Product Features

Heavy Duty
Speedy Detection
Smart Safety system
User friendly
Double accuracy
Strong arm

Product Specification

Mechanical temperature-40° to 75 C
Electrical temperature-10° to 75 C
Power supply input220V ± 10% AC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption80 watt
Relative humidity< 90 %
Arm speed1 , 1.8, 3 , 6 second
Internal lubricationGrease
Max starting torque1 second : 1.4±0.2 N.M | 3 / 6 second : 0.87±0.1 N.M
AC rotation speed1 second : 440±40 RPM | 3/6 second : 900±50 RPM

Why Use This Product

Amazing transportation methods come in various types, from traffic control solutions to road maintenance and monitoring products. Among the key methods in operating all over the world are computerized restrictions. A common perspective in car areas, Remote Control Push Switch Car Parking Barrier Gate methods have a number of advantages which come into play wherever they are set up. This is why Nobarun International has brought this remote switch parking barrier at reasonable price for you, the people! For a huge property, it is essential to set up long lasting and powerful generate parking lot barriers, which can be valuable and secure. With regard to your property, you can also create your remote parking barriers in Bangladesh, customize it to fit your exterior creating and set up and functions in it. The security problem the top why people are more engaged about parking barrier system in Bangladesh. The remote control barriers do not need any hard actual work to begin or near. It has security specifications at the side of the gate and visitors just need to reviews the concept of the access control system to begin the Checkpoint. Our remote switch parking barriers are long lasting, highly effective and can be available in customized measurements. It is a first security system in your home or workplace, offering you a feeling of security. Our updated parking barriers provide a security to your young ones who can play secure within the actual property without any interference of unknown people. Remote switch vehicle parking restrictions are really genuine, allowing organizing any number of spaces; using them can also be flexible thanks to remote switch controllers. Remote switch vehicle parking restrictions are available in different dimensions and are all highly powerful and effective. They use the best technology to make sure not only balance but security too. One of the significant benefits associated with Remote Control Push Switch Car Parking Barrier Gate is the verified results they offer for security reasons. Where availability to any area needs to be restricted to keep people and functions safe, remote switch parking barrier is a great product. Remote Control Push Switch Car Parking Barrier Gate performs absolutely in an automated technique. It will immediately go back if it meets bunker during shutting. So you don't have to start up it or close it individually, it will do its job immediately in stability. These parking barrier methods are amazing at allowing a remote system of holiday makers, a particular problem at times when road usage is high. If you need to restrict information slow-moving vehicles shifting through a doorway to an important road where guests loading fast, for example, the restrictions which only allow a few to continue at a time can be important. As described, these parking barrier methods restrict availability to approved people only which have a security benefit. Another benefit of this technique is that restrictions are able to prevent needless availability by people who want to use your car vehicle parking functions without being approved to do so. Remote switch barriers are useful and can be designed to match individual needs. Therefore, all types of projects may obtain benefits from them being set up. They are not simply for public car areas but can be useful to private landowners and companies of many types. A remote control barrier might be used, for example, to allow availability your own monitor or drive way when vehicles are approved to successfully pass but avoid needless availability from others. Private roads which should only have people able to get into keep can in the same way benefits from their set up. Guests can get offers for with a short-term availability concept if needed. It very near gets into and keeps the remote switch barrier. You can activate even you are 20-30 meters away from it. No more have you had to come down from your vehicles to begin your parking lot. Many parking barriers in Bangladesh have several remote just when you have more than one car. Finally, it is valued making reference to that modern automated remote switch barriers can be integrated with a guests flow which is great when restrictions are being set up for the factors of security. They can allow more vehicles to actually successfully pass at times of sunlight guests and less when to do so may be dangerous. All or some of these technologies can be used together to get the last in availability control.


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      Proficient Automation & Engineering Services

    It was nice experience for us with Nobarun International.
    We buy 2 set of Straight arm barrier for our client "Saiham Tower(Gulshan 1)"
    Product is good and we didn't call for support 11 months.
    Highly recommended.

  • Lt Col Abul Hansan Md Shahrir Iqbal

      Mirpur Cantonment

    We Purchase 2 Pcs Straight arm car parking barrier for our institute. Product is really very good and Nobarun international support is Awesome.
    We got 2 Pcs remote control which gives us extra facility.
    Also they setup a push switch for common operator.
    so much satisfied with their work.