Flexible Reflective Heavy Duty Rubber Wall Corner Guards in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Heavy Protection Duty: Rubber Wall Corner Guards is suitable for defending building corners and columns from being hit by vehicles. These corner guards not only help to protect your parking structure but also help to protect your customers’ vehicles from the possible damages.
  • Quality Material: These rubber corner guards are manufactured from high-impact virgin rubber, which makes these corner protectors long lasting and durable. So, these corners will not get damaged easily if they get hit by vehicles.
  • Highly Visible: These rubber corner guards for walls have high-intensity reflective bars that increase visibility. The drivers can see it easily especially at night. They also provide the essential instruction to the drivers when parking in restricted areas.
  • Weather Resistant: This wall corner protector is weather resistant and UV stable. As a result, it will ensure that it will not degrade or perish in extreme or bad weather. 
  • Cost-Effective Solution: These safety corner protectors can be a cost-effective solution to protect walls and corners from vehicle damage. You do not need to spend on building stronger wall on the parking lot, just place these corner protectors.
  • Area for Usage: Rubber Wall Corner Guards is ideal wall protection solutions in commercial and industrial controls such as loading docks, parking garages, marinas, and other high traffic areas. They also work well for interior walls and columns in factories or warehouses, and in areas surrounding loading docks.

Product Features

·         Suitable for internal & external applications
·         Deflects impact & protects the wall from damage
·         Protect vulnerable corners from damage
·         Mechanically fixed for secure mounting
·         Loading bays, car parks & back of house areas
·         Weather resistant product

Product Specification

·         Material·         High-impact Virgin Rubber
·         Square Rubber Corner Guard·         31″ (L) x 4″(W) x 0.3″ (Thickness), Weight is 4 lbs
·         Rounded Rubber Corner Guard·         31″ (L) x 4.7″(W) x 0.8″ (Thickness), Weight is 5.5 lbs

Why Use This Product

Importance of Flexible Reflective Heavy Duty Rubber Wall Corner Guards in Bangladesh

Strong and long lasting corner guards are a simple solution when you want to protect your walls and to protect against breaks and damages. If you do not have any corner guards yet in your residence, property or in your business, here are the reasons why you should install them everywhere.

Rubber Wall Corner Guards can be a good walls protection option for the commercial situation and other high-impact locations where the overall look is a additional issue. Often found in service locations and places with large vehicle traffic, these are effective products are designed to not only secure the walls surface area but also the things encountering them. Rubber corner protection security is generally found in the back of house and manufacturer locations like operating docks or storage space locations where ongoing effect from boxes, skids, and forklifts occur. The size and flexibility of rubberized provides excellent protection.  While these corner guards do not provide much design benefit, they do help you save time and money in maintenance costs.  People often use place extruded wall guards or extruded corner guards to enhance the edges of their areas since ends are always the most vulnerable and the most damaged parts of them. Rubber Wall Corner Guards prevents smashes, breaks, defects and scratches, whether at home or in the office. For businesses in the economic industry, quality wall protection options are even more important. Since the areas ends can get damaged by equipment, vehicles or large containers, they are always at risk. The flexible reflective heavy duty Rubber Wall Corner Guardss in Bangladesh are a smart investment to protect commercial components. If you have kids or pets, you will want to protect your wall corners from them, but you will also want to protect them from your wall corners. The rubber safety edge guards that are made of rubber can assist in avoiding injuries while protecting your areas ends from high-traffic. Wall ends and wheelchairs or walkers do not go too well together. If you are in a wheelchair, or if someone at home is using one, setting up commercial corner guards will secure your wall corners. Our wall corner protectors can be eliminated easily if the need for them is only short-term. These protective corners are manufactured from recycled solid rubber and are usually located in columns and entryways of buildings to secure them from micro-shocks received from moving past vehicles. For the reason, that of their bright visible reflective color makes its existence known as obstacles to drivers decreasing the possibilities of accidents and the causing costs normally required for maintenance of both structural elements and vehicles. Rubber Wall Corner Guards is provided in variations with several thicknesses and with rounded or straight edges to cover various programs depending on the strength and speed of vehicles. They are the perfect safeguard for residential and business areas or vehicles. These quality wall protection options can be attached very easily with plugs into suitable holes in the wings of the angles in a way that not to stick out the screws. If you have wallpaper in your house you have probably noticed that it managed to eliminate at the edges over time. Rubber Wall Corner Guards can be used to keep your wallpaper in place, so it will not peel off and it will last longer. If you need to set up the rubber corner guards in the kitchen area, or if you have a restaurant where establishing up area rubber corner guards in the kitchen area should be a need, you will love the fact that these wall protection panels are easy to install. They also will not get damaged by food or any substances. Corner security protections are installed using screws or epoxy adhesive onto concrete or steel columns. They are flexible and lightweight, which is easy to deal with and can easily be set up by one person. Our wall corner protectors have yellow-colored reflective stripes and bars making the area and the secure clearly recognizable to drivers and people both day and night. However, many people choose to set up corner edge protectors because they think it leads to something exclusive to their designs. These corner edge protectors can have a shiny complete or a wonderful exclusive style.

Whether you like the look of rubber wall corner, you should be able to find the right Rubber Wall Corner Guards system for your home, property or your business. They are available in our stock, so you will not find it difficult for discovering what you need.




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    we are pleased to purchase this product.

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    Very nice product.
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    What is the best option for parking area?
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    What is the price for 100 pcs wall type rubber corner guard?

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    Beautiful product for dark area because this is reflective.

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    Can i use this for my parking area for my car safety??

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    Nice product for building safety.

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    Very much useful product for parking area.

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