Plastic Aluminum Solar Reflective Motorway Road Studs

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Key Points Of Product

  • Material: When it comes to Reflective Motorway Road Studs, basically there is two type of road studs. One is aluminum Motorway Road Studs and other is Plastic ABS/PPMA Motorway Road. However, high-quality material plastic Motorway Road Studs are available too if you want.
  • Road Studs Size: Our Motorway Road Studs reflectors come in different sizes for your convenience. However, the general size of our Motorway Road Studs reflectors is 100*100*20mm since they will be more visible to the drivers especially at night.
  • Load Capacity: The overall capacity of our Reflective Motorway Road Studs depends on the material and sizes. For example, the plastic Motorway Road Studs can load 7-10 tons, which is fine in terms of heavy vehicles. However, we have also Cast Aluminum reflective Motorway Road Studs that can take load up to 40 tons!
  • Reflective Type: Since our Reflective Motorway Road Studs is built to ensure road safety, it comes with multiple reflective types for your convenience. For example, Single side/Dual side/ Solar type (Blinking Type road studs). It depends on where you want to set up the reflective Motorway Road Studs. If you’re confused, don’t worry! Once you tell us, we will recommend the best type for you.
  • Color: You might agree that Yellow/white/red/green are the best colors in terms of the cat eye reflectors on roads. For your convenience, we supply customized color Motorway Road Studs reflectors so that you choose on your own.
  • Weight: Just like our Motorway Road Studs price, we offer lightweight (approx. 350g) Motorway Road Studs reflectors too so that you don’t face problems before and after installing it.
  • Weatherproof: During bad weather conditions, such as fog, rain etc, it’s hard for drivers to see the roads clearly. As a result, it leads to severe accidents. Considering this factor, our Highway Middle part Reflective Motorway Road Studs is made to function perfectly during bad weather conditions. Moreover, these are water, oil, chemical and heat resistant. What else you need!
  • Installation Process: Installing solar Motorway Road Studs is very easy. Even if you find it difficult, our support team is available to help you out. However, you will find complete instruction about installing Motorway Road Studs in the FAQ section.

Product Features

NOKIN Authorized Certificate

Product Specification

·        Solid connection to the ground
·        Strong reflection & good direction at night
·        Waterproof, oil-resistant, anti-corrosion & anti-pressure
·        Very useful for highways, airports, parking lots and so on
·        Solid installation stability

Why Use This Product

What is Reflective Motorway Road Studs?

Reflective Motorway Road Studs mark the lanes and edges of the roads or highways. Every color indicates a separate part of the road. For example, the white Motorway Road Studs indicate the lanes or the middle of a road while the red Motorway Road Studs indicate the left side of a road. And the green Motorway Road Studs identify the side of the main carriageway at lay-bys and slip roads.


What do the cat's eyes mean on a motorway?

Motorway reflective studs that are also known as cat's eyes are created to be most useful in bad light or bad weather conditions by reflecting light back to the driver to imply which side of the motorway they are driving on, or where they should exit.


What is a slip road?

A slip lane or slip road is a type of road at a crossing that supports people to switch roads without joining an intersection. The slip roads are basically seen at the crossing of two busy roads, as an entrance to a busy road like a dual carriageway and are the single centers to join a motorway.


How do you remember reflective studs?

A great way of memorizing the view of the green, red, amber, white and fluorescent green/yellow studs are being to draw out a motorway design and apply some colored pens to symbolize where each of the Motorway Road Studs is in the road plan.


What types of materials are good for Motorway Road Studs?

Aluminum Motorway Road Studs are more durable than plastic. However, in a country like Bangladesh, plastic Motorway Road Studs are more widely used. This is the reason why we provide both aluminum and high-quality plastic Reflective Motorway Road Studs.


What is the ideal size of a Reflective Motorway Road Studs?

To make the reflective Motorway Road Studs more reflective, 100*100*20mm size would be fine.


What is the ideal capacity a Reflective Motorway Road Studs should have?

If you go for plastic solar Motorway Road Studs, 7-10 tons’ capacity would be fine in terms of plastic. However, you can get up to 40 tons of capacity Motorway Road Studs as well.


Are Reflective Motorway Road Studs waterproof?

Since Reflective Motorway Road Studs is made to reflect drivers, they are waterproof, oil and corrosion-resistant.


Does Reflective Motorway Road Studs work well in bad weather?

If the Reflective Motorway Road Studs is installed on the surface of the road, it gives the drivers knowledge about the direction of the road even in bad weather. They help to develop the capacity of roads.


How do solar Motorway Road Studs put cat’s eyes in the road?

An important feature of the cat's eye is the elastic rubber dome that is hardly damaged by the passage of traffic. The fixed rubber wiper sweeps the surface of the reflectors as they settle below the surface of the road. And the base holds water after a drizzle of rain, making this method even more effective.


How do you install solar Motorway Road Studs?

  1. Mark the Position

To install Motorway Road Studs securely, secure the workers and street first! Then mark the suitable spot for the Motorway Road Studs.

  1. Milling the hole

The hole needs to have a width of 160mm. The depth should be around 30mm. You can use a milling head but it is convincing to use a common diamond drill core too. Now drill the hole with a machine.

  1. Cleaning the hole

For a suitable fit of the Motorway Road Studs, the hole should be cleaned and dried.

  1. Glue the Motorway Road Studs

With sticky tape, you can secure the solar underfloor light just as in the street. In this way, an unsavory cleaning can be stopped later on.

  1. Final Touch

Because of the overflow scores in the Motorway Road Studs housing, the extra glue can get away from unrestrained. It enables a simple and specific alignment of the light. The extra material is taken off with fabric. Later, eliminate the sticky tape from the light just as around the hole.


Where to use Reflective Roads Stud?

Reflective roads stud other name is Raised pavement marker is highly recommended for highways, airports, sea ports, terminals, parking lots, tunnels, farms, schools, walkways and many more.


What does hard shoulder mean?

The hard shoulder is the spot at the side of a road where you are permitted to stop if your car breaks down.


What Color are the reflective studs on the hard shoulder?

The studs between the carriageway and the hard shoulder tend to be red. These change to the green where there's a slip road, supporting you to recognize slip roads when visibility is bad or in the dark.


Do you test all your goods before delivery?

Yes, we do a 100% test before delivery!


How you maintain the quality of Motorway Road Studs?

We always provide good quality at a reasonable price to assure your benefit. We respect our customers as a friend.


What is Reflective Motorway Road Studs Price in Bangladesh?

High quality Reflective Motorway Road Studs Price is Below:

Plastic Road Studs Price is 550 Taka

Aluminum Road Studs Price is 1,250 Taka

Solar-Rechargeable Road Studs Price is  3,250 Taka 


Motorway Road Studs Supplier in Dhaka Bangladesh?

Nobarun International is trustable name for any kind of Parking Equipment. They  provide Reflective Motorway Road Studs all over in Bangladesh.



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