Open Type Fruits And Vegetable Display Chiller in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Perfect Refrigeration For Fruits and Vegetable: Keeping vegetables and fruit fresh for as long as possible is a task, particularly in hotter environments. But you can give this Open Type Fruits And Vegetable Display Chiller to the task. It will keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and clean.
  • Spacious Size: This refrigerator is overall 8ft long, that means you can store a lot of fruits and vegetables in it.
  • Automated Cooling System: This refrigerator manages cooling range automatically and immediately. This fridge will offer the perfect cooling range according to products inside.
  • Perfect Display For Products: This Fruits And Vegetable Display Chillers are good for food business because they provide an outstanding view of the fruits and vegetables. The display area offered by this fridge is a very good of attracting the customers.
  • Durable: This refrigerator is durable and long lasting appliance. It’s ready to give its performance for you for years and years.
  • 1 year Warranty: 1year warranty service will be provided with this display refrigerator.

Product Features

·         Display fruit and vegetable with refrigerator system.
·         Available shelves included.
·         Efficient thermal insulation.
·         Faster cooling system.
·         Digital temperature control
·         Fruits and vegetable adopted temperature provided.

Product Specification

·         Products type·         Freezers (fruits and vegetables display)
·         Capacity·         3600L
·         Refrigerant·         R22
·         Size·         37500mm (available different size)
·         Style·         Single-temperature
·         Temperature·         3-8 degree centigrade
·         Freeze color·         Selective
·         Display area·         8.4
·         Power supply·         220v
·         LED light·         Yes
·         Certification·         CE
·         Climate type·         ST
·         Rated power·         OEM
·         Night curtain·         Yes
·         Compressor·         Without
·         Condenser·         Inside
·         Place of Origin·         China (main land)

Why Use This Product

There is lots of equipment in the Superstore s among them Open Type Fruits And Vegetable Display Chiller is one of them. This Display freezer has little unique quality that could be effective for your business purpose. This display shelves is actually a freezer for fruits and vegetables that can be use in the Superstore s or the shops where fruits and vegetables are sold. If the fruits and vegetables are keep in the open environment; they will lost their strength of freshness and will got spoilt soon. So, now you can use this Open Type Fruits And Vegetable Display Chiller for keeping your products fresh longer time and you will get enough time for selling these items before rotten. This freezer posse’s multilayer system so you can display more vegetable and fruits products on it for the viewing of customer. The shelves of this freezer are customizable so you can buy it according to your requirement and the size of this freezer is also available in different sizes. This display shelves attached high quality insulated and clear glass for the product view of the customers. By the adjustable cooling system of this Open Type Fruits And Vegetable Display Chiller you can adjust the temperature in the display shelves for keeping the goods well condition. For getting better refrigeration effects and fully spread air flow, it has used high quality efficient cooling fan. The compressor consume minimum energy that is effective for energy saving. Integrated foaming inside the structure works for heat preservation and need less energy from the compressor. So, overall it can be said that Open Type Fruits And Vegetable Display Chiller needs less energy to operate and it is perfect products for displaying the fruits and vegetable in freezing state. The design of this display freezer is available and the color of this display shelves also available. So you can choose your display freezer form different design and color of it. The customer who is sincere about their health and sanitation always look for fresh food and avoid outdated foods. So, you can attracts those customers through this Fruits & Vegetable Freezer Display Rack. Fruits And Vegetable Display Chiller is now being used in the Superstore s or in the green food seller shop. And this type of freezer display shelves are now available in Dhaka Bangladesh.


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