MCD 200 Walkthrough Archway Gate Metal Detector in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Pass Rate: MCD 200 Walkthrough Archway Gate Metal Detector ensures more than 40 persons/minute super fast metal detection.
  • Large LED Display: shows notifications clearly due to passing of people through the door
  • 6 Detecting Zone: with the same height and accuracy performance parameter, 6 Detection Zones are included in the door.
  • Sensitivity: sensitivity level can be adjusted on a scale of 0-99 according to the forecast of pass-through events
  • Automatic Counter: number of pass-through persons is automatically counted and stored by MCD 200 Archway Gate.
  • Area of Use: shopping malls, super stores, office and factory, bank vaults and main entrances, universities, clubs etc.

Product Features

·         Fast operations ensured as more than 40 persons pass-through events can take place per minute
·         6 Detecting Zones with equal heights and detection performance provider for pin-point and reliable metal detection
·         economical, practical and cheap but no compromise in terms of quality
·         100% Ferrous (Iron) & non-ferrous metal detection facility
·         LED Alarm Light to accurately display the area of the detection and ensure trust
·         Wide range of usage areas as it is suitable for shopping malls, super stores, office and factory, bank vaults and main entrances, universities etc.

Product Specification

·         Detection Zone·         6 zone
·         Sensitivity·         0-99 adjustable
·          Alarm type·         Six interlaced detection regions of the same high with the body and combilng
·         Display type·         8 status led dispaly
·         Pass rate·         >40 people/min
·         Power·         220V AC,50/60HZ
·         Power wastage·         35W
·         Tunnel size·         200(L)*68(W)*56(H)cm
·         Dimension·         222(L)*80(W)*67(H)cm
·         Net weight·         60.5/kg
·         Gross weight·         71kg
·         Packaging Details·         Main Body: 230*72*25cm (2piece/carton) Host Machine: 78*47*28cm(1piece/carton)
·         Place of Origin·         China
·         Brand Name·         MCD
·         Certification·         CE
·         Model Number·         MCD-200

Why Use This Product

MCD 200 Walkthrough Archway Gate Metal Detector is a heavy-duty metal detector which has superbly flexible integrated technological advancements installed in it. If you have been looking for a reliable and a very accurate Metal Detector gate or door, then this is probably the catch you have been in need of! There are a lot of sensible reasons why Projuktishop is claiming this. First of all, this Archway Gate Metal Detector works dynamically. A little above 40 pass-through is a standard performance parameter for this metal detector gate meaning that over 40 people can pass through metal detection every minute. But not only is the pass-through rate high. This gate has integrated 6 Detection Zones placed inside it which are of the same height and accuracy standards which ensures a 6 times check of metal detection while a person passes through the Gate Metal Detector. Then, most other metal detectors may not detect non-Ferrous (non Iron metals) metals; but this metal detector gate is specified for 100% Ferrous and also non-Ferrous metal detection ensuring greater security assistance to any given facility or usage area. Other than the 6 Detection Zones, four pairs of infrared emission mechanism of MCD 200 Walkthrough Archway Gate Metal Detector is there to properly detect blind spots. Moreover, for a clearer understanding, LED Alarm Light is placed in the column to show the exact place where a metal is detected. With anti-interference ability enriched with it, the MCD 200 Walkthrough Archway Gate Metal Detector Archway uses microprocessor digital technology for greater performance assurance. It saves a lot of manual time by automatically counting pass-through events and storing the data in its memory. In addition, the sensitivity meter can be adjusted upon pass-through event forecast and importance on a scale of 0-99; this renders quality switching by the user (operator) themselves. This awesome Metal Detector is highly suitable for using at shopping malls, super stores, office and factory, bank vaults and main entrances, universities, clubs etc for assurance of security. Multiple usage of the product can also be done independently by creating a network of gates which will allow non-clogging pass-through events of people at any given facility. Thus it will not only save cost but time will be saved also. To sum up, the economical, easily maintained MCD 200 Walkthrough Archway Gate Metal Detector provides quality in security assurance and ensures competitive advantage greatly.


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