Multipurpose Commercial Masala Spice Grinding Machine

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Key Points Of Product

  • Crushing Capacity: Our Multipurpose Commercial Masala Spice Grinding Machine can crush up to 3000g. It means it’s a heavy-duty machine where you can crush all the masala and spices all together especially in big events or rush hours.
  • Multi-Functional: It’s a multi-functional equipment where you can crush spices, grinders etc. in your restaurant. If needed, it can be used in pharmacy or medicine investigation institutes to crush chemical or biological materials.
  • Heavy-Duty Motor: Our masala grinder comes with a heavy-duty and pure copper motor power that is 2800m. This powerful motor makes sure hassle-free, smooth & sleek, fast operation.
  • 3 Powerful Martensite Blade: This pepper grinder features 3 powerful martensite blades to crush things. The blades won’t break easily during crushing and help this machine to crush into masala or spices into smaller powder within a couple of minutes. When the machine functions, the blades whirl into high speed.
  • Air Overload Protector: The air overload protector is one of the best features of our Multipurpose Commercial Masala Spice Grinding Machine. When the machine gets overloaded, just press the protector button. And through this you can use it again and again. 
  • Big SS Powder Bowl: This electric spice grinder comes with a big stainless steel powder bowl. The capacity is huge and the bowl is huge, so you can crush huge items altogether faster and smoother! 
  • Swing Machine Switch: The swing switch of this electric spice grinder helps to crush items effectively into smaller pieces. When the function of this spice grinder will over, the swing machine body will allow you to carry the powder and you won’t have to carry the whole machine.   
  • Timer Switch: Our masala grinder machine features the timer switch that allows you to set how long you are going to crush the masala and spices. You can adjust the functioning or crushing time according to the numbers there. 
  • Easy to Use: The handle hook on the top of the duty spice grinder allows you to open up the cover, there are quick open keys allows you to up/down key before and after functioning. The quick open buckle enables you to open it immediately after functioning as well as closing it tight so that the spices don’t fall outside. 
  • Voltage: Now worried about high voltage? No need! Multipurpose Commercial Masala Spice Grinding Machine requires 110-240V (can be adjustable into your preference) to operate effectively. 
  • Service Warranty: We always provide a support team and 1-year warranty with our equipment.

Product Features

·        Takes only few minutes to disintegrate
·        Elegant body material and does not produce much noise. 
·        It can crush items into so small powder from 50~300 micron. 
·        It's herbal medicine pharmaceutical, which ensures no dust while operating, have no vibration.
·        It can crush drugs, chemical or biological materials alongside food.
·        It can be used in restaurants, pharmacy, medicine investigation institutes or even in a family.

Why Use This Product

What is Multipurpose Commercial Masala Spice Grinding Machine?

Across all the industrial processing or grinding equipment, the Multipurpose Commercial Masala Spice Grinding Machine is broadly used for crushing or grinding masala. For making ginger or garlic paste and various chutney in a bulk, masala grinder machine is a trustable name.


Why it is called Multipurpose Masala Grinder?

Because you can use this masala grinder machine for a wide range of purpose. For example, do you need masala or spice pieces? This electric spice grinder will do the job. If you want to make ginger or garlic paste and various chutney in a bulk, masala grinder machine is here to provide you that.

Even if you need to crush chemical or biological items, you can use this masala grinder machine!


What is the function of a grinding machine?

A masala grinding machine, usually abbreviated to grinder, is one of the power machines used for crushing items. It is a type of machine using 3-tier blades as the slicing tool. Each power blade slices a small chip from the material via shear deformation.


What is a spice grinder used for?

An electric spice grinder is a tool used to crush up solid, thick, dried whole spices. You can crush them coarsely, or to a little powder. There is a variety of electric spice or masala grinders which are applied to one spice only, for example, pepper mills and nutmeg graters.


How many types of grinding are there?

The grinding machines come into 5 kinds: surface grinders, cylindrical grinders, centerless grinders, internal grinders and specials.


Why should you use Multipurpose Commercial Masala Spice Grinding Machine?

As you know, Multipurpose Commercial Masala Spice Grinding Machine is the machine you use to crush your masala and spices into small pieces for smoother-hitting dishes and so forth. Although there are several ways to grind if you don't have a grinder. However, Multipurpose Commercial Masala Spice Grinding Machine rush up the grinding process and give perks.


Is an electric spice grinder the same as a coffee grinder?

No. The electric masala spice grinders normally use sharp and powerful blades to crush spices, masala and herbs into tiny pieces. On the other hand, the coffee grinders regularly use conical burrs to blend coffee beans into grounds.


How to use Multipurpose Commercial Masala Spice Grinding Machine?

  1. Open the upper lid
  2. Put the dried items into the grinding tank
  3. Shut down the upper lid tightly
  4. Turn off the power, then open the buckle lock (open up) and upper lid, add the grinding items that you want to grind, later shut down the upper lid tightly
  5. Now connect with power, turn the switch
  6. When the working sound smooth, display the items have been crushed completely, the timer will work automatically. You can also set the timer using the timer button.
  7. For safety purpose: Don't take the crushing power placed till the power is turned off and finish operating the machine.


Is a metal grinder bad for you?

The aluminum masala spice grinders are completely safe to use.


How to grind cloves?

It's ideal to grind the entire cloves into powder using a pestle and mortar only preceding using them to guarantee flavor and freshness are good. To stud ingredients with cloves, stick entire cloves into it so the bud heads jut.


How to grind spices into powder?

There are two simple approaches to grind spices: a mortar and pestle. Or using a spice special grinder like Multipurpose Commercial Masala Spice Grinding Machine. When pounding flavors that are comparative in size, crush them together and save a stage.  You can use cumin, coriander and bay leaves together.


Do you actually need a spice grinder?

The coffee grinders or nut grinders used especially for spices may work. But it remains a question still.  If you are running a restaurant, throwing a party where food will be prepared for a larger group of people, an electric grinder like Multipurpose Commercial Masala Spice Grinding Machine can come in handy.


Can I grind sea salt?

Crushing sea salt is an ideal way to enjoy sea salts that have hard precious stones or are too huge to even consider serving all alone. Using an electric grinder with sea salt will consume a grinder with metal sharp blades (even ones with stainless steel grinders)


What is the difference between blender and grinder?

A blender normally has a high glass with a little base and tiny blades. However, the use of a mixer grinder is to fasten up your time in the kitchen and help the cooking process of ingredients: grating, slicing, grinding, processing.


What is Commercial Masala Grinding Machine price in Bangladesh?

Finding a decent quality electric spice grinder can be costly. But we offer you the high quality Multipurpose Commercial Masala Spice Grinding Machine at 25,000 Taka.

Where can I buy Multipurpose Commercial Masala Spice Grinding Machine in Dhaka Bangladesh?

When it comes to buy kitchen appliances, Nobarun International is trustable name! We provide Multipurpose Commercial Masala Spice Grinding Machine all over in Bangladesh with warranty and support team.



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