Auto Temperature Control Ice Cream Display Freezer in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Stainless Steel Exterior: The exterior of Commercial Ice Cream Display Freezer is made of heavy stainless steel. So this display refrigerator is well- built, durable, and easy to maintain throughout their lifetimes.
  • Total Dish: There is 10 Dish for displaying different type and different color Ice cream.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control: This commercial display fridge is technologically advanced with various easy modes of adjustable temperature control through a digital system. So the ice cream inside will not get melt.
  • Curving Glass: Commercial Ice Cream Display Freezer is specially made to offer customers a clear, maximum view of ice cream inside. With curving glass style, customers get an up-close view of each delectable flavour they offer.
  • Temperature Range: These commercial display fridges can provide -14°C to -24°C temperature range which is ideal for ice cream inside.
  • Customized Design: We are offering customized design for these commercial display freezers. Take a close look at the features that they have to offer so that you know that they will be an excellent addition to the place and is affordable as well.
  • Attractive Interior Lighting: Commercial Ice Cream Display Freezer is designed to suit easily within your super shop’s existing interior. The extensive interior lighting of this fridge will attract customers easily.

Product Features

Customized Designs are available
A great marketing equipment to boost your ice cream sales
Extensive interior lighting
Adjustable temperature control
Made of heavy stainless steel material

Product Specification

·         Size ·          ·         1000*690*1230mm
·         Temperature·         -18c°
·         Total Dish·         10 Pcs
·         Volt·         220
·         Hz·         50
·         Watt·         256
·         Gas Use·         134a/130g gas use
·         Compressor ·         - Embraco
·         Led Light·         Internal LED Light
·         Warranty·         1 Year

Why Use This Product

Ice cream is a thing that is loved by everyone. People today of every age love to have ice cream in almost every day. There is such a comprehensive range of flavours that people never get exhausted of trying new ones. So, ice cream business is quite profitable. But it is remembered that ice cream like other meals is disposable. Temperatures are a crucial aspect in keeping the flavour and quality of ice cream. Ice cream does not like changes in temperature. If it is exposed to temperature variations, it will end up dropping it is sleek and melt. The ice cream should always be kept at a low temperature or cold temperature so that it does not melt away. This is why you should consider specialized fridge that can keep ice cream along with attracting your customers. Here we bring Commercial Ice Cream Display Freezer which can do both. This ice cream display fridge is an ideal equipment for your super shop if you wish to enhance your ice cream sales. Increase your Ice Cream as the summer months approach, soft ice cream stores or super shop around the country prepare for an increase of customers, and an increase in competitors. To keep an advantage against their competitors this season and get noticed from the package, you will need to make sure your super shop’s selection of soft ice cream is extremely attractive. That’s where Commercial Ice Cream Display Freezer from us, come in! Make your ice cream a truly attractive option that customers won’t be able to avoid with this high-quality display refrigerator. Ice cream is a great fascination for gaining customers in a shop. Ice cream is a great way of improving the visibility of customers and provides an advantage over other businesses. You can place the Commercial Ice Cream Display Freezer in an area where the customers can easily see that. There are so many designs available here so make sure that you choose the best-looking one. If the display appeal, then the customers can use will not be able to get the past without purchasing their preferred flavour. Commercial Ice Cream Display Freezer for ice creams are made using a clear view of all the flavours that are available. People are always drawn and interested to buy ice cream if the variety of flavours is clearly noticeable to the customers. They are made to provide with a curved glass which makes an excellent display area. You can find refrigerators with curved display glass. They feature inner extensive lighting which provides a lighted display which is also a positive factor which boosts sales. They provide an ideal display of the ice cream flavours you are offering. Commercial Ice Cream Display Freezer is well- designed, resilient, and easy to keep throughout their lives. In fact, many have self-defrosters and curved glass to self-regulate washing and provide customers with a ongoing clear view. This commercial display refrigerator can be a great accessory to super shops, cafes and restaurants. Selling ice cream can produce excellent profit margins and increase footfall. If you have a retail store, super shop, ice cream parlour, or any other food-related business, Commercial Ice Cream Display Freezer seems to be a popular appliance to be placed on your premises. It’s a patent fact that every restaurant, either it’s a standalone one or a hotel restaurant, these ice cream freezers are must thing. Every business needs freezing solutions suitable for their niche. These ice cream specialized display refrigerators are perfect to be placed at checkouts and pay points. Without a doubt, is a great way to boost up store sales. When people are lined up on pay points, they are more prone to make at-the-spot purchases. It is a proven fact and you have seen big stores using the same tactic to increase sales. By placing this display ice cream freezer at POS, you are actually improving the chances of a sale being made. You can serve freshly scooped ice cream as it looks more trendy and stylish. It’s a patent fact that, as a super shopkeeper or retailer, you can greatly enhance your store profits by adding one of Commercial Ice Cream Display Freezer to your inventory.


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    product looks is very beautiful and the work is also beautiful.I am satisfy on the product.