Heavy Duty SS Foldable Platform Trolley Cart

Key Points Of Product

  • Strong Body Material: The Heavy Duty SS Foldable Platform Trolley Cartis made of long-lasting and durable body material. The top of the trolley is made of 4-wheelie SS chequered sheet and it has a 2-2inch angle frame below. It is unbreakable that nothing can break it. You can use this trolley for a long time.
  • SS Handle Pipe: The stand/handle of the platform trolley is made of 1.5inch SS Pipe. It is durable and corrosion-free. You will not get any rust in the handle pipe because it is anti-rust. The trolley is lightweight and the handle pipe is easy to hold.
  • Lock System Swivel Wheel: There are four swivel wheels on the trolley which make it easy to roll and steer. There is a lock system on the swivel wheels so you can lock the trolley at a place and it will not move. It will start moving again if you unlock the trolley. It is easy to lock and unlock the trolley.
  • Platform/Deck Size: The length of the platform trolley is 48inch, width of the trolley is 24inch and the height of the trolley is respectively 8inch. The trolley has a great design and amazing overall build so if you need to move large items, then this Heavy Duty SS Foldable Platform Trolley Cart is for you.
  • Load Capacity: This 4-wheel platform trolley has a maximum load capacity of 1ton so you can comfortably load heavy objects on the trolley and shift it from one place to another. It can move large materials and it will not break. If you have a huge object that you need to move, then this trolley will be very useful for you.
  • Corrosion Resistant: This Heavy Duty SS Foldable Platform Trolley Cart is made of anti-rust and corrosion-free materials so it is totally corrosion resistant. It will not get rusted and will support you for a long period of time. 
  • Easy to Move: This 4-wheel platform trolley is very flexible and has swivel rolling wheels so it does not make any large noises. It is stable and can be taken and stored anywhere.
  • Totally Foldable: This collapsible platform trolley can be easily folded and carry. It is compact and totally foldable so you can save space by folding the trolley and store it in a corner when you don’t need it..
  • Colour: The trolley has two parts. One is made of SS and other is made of MS. The SS part cannot be painted but the MS part can be painted or coloured.
  • Warranty: We will provide you 5 years of warranty for this platform trolley.

Product Features

·        Strong & long-lasting Body Material
·        Lock System on Swivel Wheels
·        Easily Foldable
·        Huge Load Capacity
·        Transportable & Easy to move

Why Use This Product

What is Heavy Duty SS Foldable Platform Trolley Cart?

A metal cart or frame on wheels, utilized for shipping overwhelming or large things. It is supposed to transport your materials from one place to another. You place your material on the trolley and you can move it to anywhere you want. It has swivel wheels that works smoothly so it is easy to move the trolley. If you are changing your house or re-organizing your existing one, then this equipment can the pressure off of you.


How does a Platform Trolley work?

A trolley works by helping you move objects from one place to another easily. It is a useful equipment. You are supposed to place your things on the trolley. After that you can hold the handle and you can move or push it forward. The best thing about our Heavy Duty SS Foldable Platform Trolley Cartis that it does not make any sound while moving. So, you can move heavy objects without making any noise.


Where is the platform trolley most required?

The platform trolley is most required or used in occasions where you need to move heavy or light objects at ease. Trolleys are mostly used in commercial places but you can use it for your home since it is a very practical equipment. It removes the workload of carrying huge objects from here to there. Instead, you can move objects easily with the help of the trolley.


Why do you need this trolley?

One of the most affordable and practical pieces of warehouse gear is the trolley. Trolleys are a fabulous material for shipping both light and heavy items. They increase warehouse effectiveness by allowing workers to transport heavy items. Even if you are at home and you need to carry or move objects then you can do that easily with the support of our platform trolley.


Should you push or pull Heavy Duty SS Foldable Platform Trolley Cart?

You should push the trolley instead of pulling it. It is more secure to push an object or a trolley than to pull it because it will put less strain on your arms and your back. You should make sure that you can see over the trolley. If that is not possible at the moment, then it is much safer to walk in front of the trolley and pull it with the goal that you can see where you are going.


How much load can 4-wheel platform trolley take?

The trolley has a maximum capacity of 1 ton. So, this trolley can carry any object that is within 1 ton comfortably without making any sound. However, the object’s weight should not exceed 1 ton. Though this trolley is unbreakable, excessive weight may damage the trolley. So you should keep in mind that the object you are carrying should not more than 1 ton.


Is the Carrying Trolley foldable?

Yes, our Heavy Duty SS Foldable Platform Trolley Cart totally foldable. This trolley is completely versatile. It can be easily folded and put away. If you are running out of space or you need more room than you can fold the 4-wheeler platform trolley and it will not consume much space.


Will the platform trolley get rusted quickly?

No, this platform trolley will not rust as it is made with anti-rust materials. You will be happy to know that this trolley has a corrosion resistant build and a durable design. It is made of 4-Wheelie SS Checkered Sheet along with a 2-2inch angle frame below so it is very strong and it will not get rusted.

Is the Industrial trolley easy to remove?

Yes, the Heavy Duty SS Foldable Platform Trolley Cart is easily removable because of its versatile design. It can be folded so you can put the trolley away when you do not need it. Folding the trolley is not much of a hassle so you can easily fold the trolley without having any problems.


How can you use the 4-wheeler trolley?

Place the object that you want to transport on the trolley. Then hold the handle and push or pull in the direction that you want to. Afterwards, you can just fold the trolley or keep it unfolded. That is up to you. This trolley is simple and very easy to use.


What is the warranty of the trolley?

We will provide you with 5 years of support warranty for the Heavy Duty SS Foldable Platform Trolley Cart. It is a durable equipment made with the finest materials so we can assure that you will not face any issue.


What is the handle of the trolley made of?

The stand/handle is made from 1.5inch SS Pipe. It is anti-rust and corrosion resistant. It is very comfortable to hold. You do not have to worry about the handle getting loose or coming off because it made of a sturdy material.


How does the lock system on this platform trolley work?

The lock system on the trolley works by locking the trolley at a certain place so that it does not move. It is very simple and easy to use. You can comfortably lock and unlock the trolley.


How long will it take for us to build the Heavy Duty SS Foldable Platform Trolley Cart?

It will take us 2-4 days to build the platform trolley after you place your order. To learn more, you can contact us.


What is the price of Heavy Duty SS Foldable Platform Trolley Cart?

You will find Heavy Duty SS Foldable Platform Trolley Cartat a very reasonable price .Please call our official mobile no for updated Price: 01711998626


Where can I buy Heavy Duty SS Foldable Platform Trolley Cart in Dhaka Bangladesh?

You will find the Heavy Duty SS Foldable Platform Trolley Cart here at a reasonable price that you can afford. We, www.nobarunbd.com provide all sorts warehouse equipment and trolley carts in Bangladesh.


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