Fresh Milk Cooling Tank Chiller Price in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Customize Size: Fresh Milk Cooling Tank Chiller is available in different sizes. So you can customize your own size and we will provide it for you.
  • Solar System (Optional): Solar power is a great choice for those who want a greener planet with renewable energy that gives no waste by-product. No waste of electricity only works with the help of solar energy.
  • Capacity: Our milk cooling equipment uses laser method, which ensures durability and the highest capability of cooling. The storage of our cooling tank chiller is about to 200 Liter  to 2000 Liter capacity. So you can store a large amount of milk in it and chill through the solar system.
  • Nozzle: The nozzle is the main nucleus of this milk cooling tank chiller. The milk will come out smoothly through this nozzle.
  • Compressor Details: The compressor used in our milk cooling tank is imported. The compressor features with high performance, energy-saving, full sealing, and protection system that prevents damage due to overload. 
  • Food grade Steel: Our milk cooling system is completely made of food grade stainless steel. The food grade assures the milk will come out that are hygienic. With precision polish, it is being difficult dirt accumulation, it is corrosion resistance, and easy to clean. 
  • Warranty: We provide 12 months warranty along with this milking machine.
  • Usage Area: Fresh Milk Cooling Tank Chiller is highly recommended for bakeries, dairy Farm, supermarkets, and all other institutions where they sell milk.

Product Features

·         Immediate milk cooling
·         Milk coolers welded using laser method providing durability and the highest capability of cooling
·         Precise measurement of milk quantity using a board and conversion chart
·         The imported compressor features with high performance, energy-saving, full sealing, and protection system that prevents damage due to overload.

Product Specification

·         Size·         Customizable
·         Material·         Stainless Steel
·         Capacity·         1000-10000L
·         Weight·         400kg
·         Voltage·         220 V/ 50 Hz

Why Use This Product

We have seen a positive trend in the dairy industry, especially in non-urban areas. Modernization and increasing power plants in the non-urban areas have helped dairy village entrepreneurs obtain bigger profits than in the past. The system has also provided bigger benefits for the suppliers and the village entrepreneurs. Milk is used in many ways that are as a hot drink, cold drink, used to make sweets like Mawa, used to make curd, and so on. It is even one of the most required ingredients in the bakery and in addition, dairy is added in many other foods and drinks absorbed on a regular base.

With that, dairy consumption has greatly increased and village entrepreneurs or suppliers are happy with their tasks due to the high advantage edge noticed on a single base. This is also helped with the use of Fresh Milk Cooling Tank Chiller a modern way of protecting dairy in a hygienic manner with its nutritional value. The major aim now appears to be providing dairy at a relatively cheaper rate. Processing milk requires pasteurization, a technique that loss infection in milk and makes it safe to drink. Pasteurization demands the use of milk processing/dairy town chillers to cool down the milk after the heating-up process. If you run a dairy farm, you will want to make sure to buy or rent a fridge that suits your needs well. Fortunately, there are milk chillers that are ideal for almost any type of dairy-farming operation. Yes, our Fresh Milk Cooling Tank Chiller is these kinds of refrigerator that you are looking for.

A complete milk flow and drainage at the end of the cleaning process are possible with a vertical high-performance force to prevent the milk from our milk cooling tank chiller, which could damage the milk quality. An intake filter on the force prevents the apply head from preventing and additionally protects the force. The general amount of the detergent is carried out using the force. This prevents being exposed to the cleaning solutions and offers the additional benefit of precisely regulated quantities. The Fresh Milk Cooling Tank Chiller system controls changes to the detergent, which helps you to save time and prevents contact with powerful cleaning solutions which could be dangerous to your health. When saving and chilling milk several forms of contamination can occur, making the use of various cleaning processes necessary. The best alternative to the present choice system of milk is milk chiller system immediately after milking by our milk cooling equipment. The usage of such tanks has become popular in the past because it not only helps in increasing the shelf-life of milk but also provides systematic and simple way of the buying of milk. It also guarantees to buy more milk by protecting low competition further areas for milk choice. To obtain dairy, village entrepreneurs take livestock into a milking system with individual cubicles. The cultivator examines each cow’s health and joins milking appliances. Farm owners carefully assess utters for any signs of mastitis to prevent bad dairy from creating its way into the holding package. Cattle eat as milking chillers immediately push dairy into an under fridge package, and dairy then goes for pasteurization. This is when the dairy fridge comes into play because pasteurization warms dairy. Our milk cooling tank chiller remove warm from pasteurization and amazing dairy down to an appropriate warm variety. Keeping dairy at an amazing warm variety prevents the dairy substance from difficult. This preserves dairy and increases storage life, which allows for time to transport it to the store. Milking is normally performed twice in a day and in the old days; each individual had to get the milk immediately after milking. The further delay provides the milk to waste and huge problems since it would get damaged. Dairy village entrepreneurs were always aware and quick to supply the milk to milk plants that had the better machines (bulk milk coolers). Today, a huge milk cold can be purchased by a machine like Fresh Milk Cooling Tank Chiller at a lot of ease and a friendly cost. There is no need for purchasing of storage cans and so on. Owning a huge milk refrigeration unit can also help society and in return, they may pay you for the services. Dairy village entrepreneurs can take their time before delivering the milk at collection centers. This is because the milk is stored at a favorable temperature that prevents spoilage.

The above-mentioned benefits are making milk farming pleasant and successful. The new developments are absolutely cost-effective and will provide further developments in the native milk industry. Manufacturing and offering of Fresh Milk Cooling Tank Chillers are also getting a different direction. The newest milk refrigerators like this are designed in various dimensions with a good potential and solar-based chilling is also getting a new course. There is more flexibility due to the progression that is being designed with time. This has designed milk businesses appear as top quality services and much recognizable in the local milk business.

What is the Fresh Milk Cooling Chiller Tank Price in Bangladesh?

You will find the Commercial Milk Cooling Chiller Tank here at a very reasonable price 1,80,000 To 7,20,000 Taka. We Provide Delivery, Installation and 1 Year free service warranty.

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