Commercial Fish Display Refrigerator in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Automatic Temperature Control: Commercial Fish Display Refrigerator  controls temperature automatically. This refrigerator will supply the perfect temperature according to products inside.
  • Dual System Compressor: We offer both Inside and Outside compressor type along with this refrigerator. So, both compressor types are available.
  • Air Curtain Facility: This refrigerator has the Air Curtain approach which will provide you with the air from one part when you will keep seafood with ice in the refrigerator. As an outcome, these ices will not get melt because of the air and also the air will spread through the fridge so that fish items could remain fresh.
  • Display Size: The overall display size of this fridge is 6.5 Feet (78”) in length, 3.5 Feet (45”) width and 3 Feet (36″) in height.
  • 1year Warranty: This Fish Display Refrigerator will provide 1year sharp warranty service for you.

Product Features

·         Heat insulation layer keep ice long time non-melt.
·         Special nozzle system for water output.
·         Keep fish fresh for longer time.
·         High quality compressor used.
·         Easy and smooth operating display door.
·         Customizable size and shelves of the display freezer.

Product Specification

·         Products type·         Fish Display Showcase (freezer)
·         Capacity·         3600L
·         Refrigerant·         R22
·         Size·         37500mm (available different size)
·         Style·         Single-temperature
·         Temperature·         3-8 degree centigrade
·         Freeze color·         Selective
·         Display area·         8.4
·         Power supply·         220v
·         LED light·         Yes
·         Certification·         CE
·         Climate type·         ST
·         Rated power·         OEM
·         Night curtain·         Yes
·         Compressor·         Without
·         Condenser·         Inside
·         Place of Origin·         China (main land)

Why Use This Product

Fish is such a product that spoilt in a very short time, if it is not preserve rightly. There are several process of preserving the fish like cold storages, ice storage processing and many more but in this system the retail customer could not purchase fish in this process. So, considering this situation and for removing this problem Commercial Fish Display Refrigerator came in the market in keeping the requirement of the customers. By using this display freezer shelves, the seller can able to hand over the quality fresh food to the customer and on the other hand the customers are also being satisfied for getting fresh fish. In this display freezer the user need to add flaked ice on the shelves about in 20 mm thickness. And then the fish will be kept on the flaked ice. The body and shelves are made with insulated ingredient, So, the temperature is preserved for longer time. It also capable of control the temperature form cooling control system. So, ice in the shelves last longer time and keep the fish fresh. The shelves of Commercial Fish Display Refrigerator are customizable, you can have single shelves type fish display freezer or multi-layer fish display freezer. There are different size of fish display shelves are available in the Bangladeshi market, you can buy the size you want. For circulating the milted water Commercial Fish Display Refrigerator has used a nozzle system so the extra water will get output through the tunnel and as the extra water doesn’t stay longer time in the display shelves, it will not produce rough stink or bad smell in it. This Display freezer will last long as the body and case of this fish display shelves made with strong stainless steel.

This Refrigerator has strong compressor for cooling operation. Along with fish you can also display meat too. The design and size are available in the market. So, this can be a perfect display shelves for displaying the fish for a longer time and as the fish is able to keep fresh longer time so form the commercial view it can be profitable too. Now, Many places including Dhaka city; like Super markets, Super stores, Fish Markets and Fish shops Commercial Fish Display Refrigerator are being used randomly. This is available at the close of your hand, you buy it from anywhere in Bangladesh.


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    Most popular used for supershop.

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    Origin which country?

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    If i want to buy 2 pcs machine then how much will it cost ?

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    standartd quality.i have use this product.