Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand

Key Points Of Product

  • Perfect Foam for Coffee: Sometimes people want deep foam or less foam while making a coffee. This espresso steam wand can make deep foam or less according to your needs. No matter what, how much deep foam you need, our steam wand will make it for you. 
  • Automatic Temperature Control: This Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand has an automatic temperature control feature which automatically controls the temperature of the water. After you insert water in to the machine, it will be warm after a while. Then the machine will automatically be turned off. However, once the water is cold again, then you will have to turn the espresso machine on.
  • Stable High Pressure: Our commercial espresso machine foam steamer wand has the pressure of 2kg which is ideal for steaming any type of coffee. It is perfect for making and steaming any coffees. You can steam any coffee that you have without any issues. It will keep the pressure stable so there will not be any accidents while you make your coffee.
  • Water Tank Capacity: This espresso maker foam steamer has a maximum capacity of 20 liters. After you insert water inside the tank, it will automatically be steamed. Usually, it would take 15 to 20 minutes to steam the whole water. So, you will be able to make around 200 coffees by steaming 20 liters of water quickly.
  • Visual Pressure Gauge: The Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand has a visual pressure gauge feature that measures the condition of the water which is pressured. It is a visual indicator designed to measure the difference between two pressure points within the coffee machine. 
  • Power: The commercial espresso machine foam steamer wand uses 1500W, 220V. The steam wand will consume less power compared to other steam wands. You can use this espresso machine steam wand non-stop for 2-3 hours without having any problems.
  • Indicator: There is an indicator on the espresso machine with steamer which will light up when you turned the machine on. After the coffee is made, the indicator will automatically turn off. Thanks to this indicator, you will be able to know when the coffee-making process is finished.
  • Machine Size: The steamer wand has a length of 18 inch and width of 18 inch. It also has a height of 22 inch and weight of 17 kg. It is very lightweight and portable. You will not have any issues in moving it from one place to another.
  • Ball Valve System: This Made Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand has a safety Ball Valve System so if the pressure is above 2kg, the safety bulb will automatically leak the extra pressure to avoid any accidents. This Coffee machine ensures that you won’t face any accidents when you brew your coffee.
  • Warranty: We Provide after sales service and support for iur customers.

Product Features

·        Automatic Temperature Control
·        Stable High Pressure
·        Visual Pressure Gauge
·        Large Water Tank Capacity
·        Can make all sorts of foams

Product Specification

·        Height:·        22 inch
·        Length:·        18 inch
·        Width:·        18 inch
·        Weight:·        17 kg, 37.5lbs
·        Power:·        1500W, 220V

Why Use This Product

What is the Made Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand?

It is an arm which is connected to the coffee machine. This foam wand just forces steam into your milk, delicately warming it with pressure. It adds air to the milk at the same time which makes it foam (or froth).


How do you use a Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand?

Here are the steps to froth a milk using a foam steamer wand?

Step 1: Pour fresh milk in to a small metal pitcher

Step 2: Engage the foam steamer wand on the coffee machine

Step 3: Put the steam wand in to the milk just under the surface

Step 4: Make a vortex in the milk while keeping the tip of the wand near the side of the pitcher

Step 5: Move the pitcher so the steam wand is higher, lower, closer to the edge or further from the edge to incorporate air into the milk and break up bigger bubbles. The bubbles ought to get continuously smaller

Step 6: When the blend has expanded in size generously about double the volume for a cappuccino or 1/2 times the volume for a latte, remove the wand from the pitcher

Step 7: The texture of the milk ought to be smooth and not pixilated. It should also be similar in appearance to melted ice cream

Step 8: Immediately pour the foamed milk in to your espresso or other drink.


What does the Made Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand do?

The steam wand is used to warm and foam milk for use in different espresso drinks. This wand is attached with the heating vessel.  When the user puts the valve in the steam position, steam from the heating vessel is discharged out of the wand and into the milk.


Is espresso stronger than coffee?

Espresso has progressively concentrated degrees of caffeine per ounce, however drip coffee has more caffeine per serving. The normal shot of espresso is two ounces in size and a standard mug of coffee is 12 ounces, which prompts the latter having more caffeine per cup.


Does espresso provide you with energy?

Espresso is a concentrated shot of coffee which is stronger than your normal cup of black coffee. You can use the Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand to steam the milk. Espresso drinks are usually more grounded and give a better rush of energy and alertness than your regular coffee.


How to make Micro-foam with a steam wand?

Start steaming by getting the milk to turn quickly clockwise, later work the surface of the milk for around 15 - 20 seconds in the following manner, bring the tip of the steam wand to the top with the goal that barely breaks the surface to suck in air and milk at the same time.


How does Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand work?

When you turn on your steam wand, jets of steam shoot out through the gaps on the steam tip. When the steam tip is at the surface, the jets of steam act like minor, fierce whisks. They quickly release air by breaking the surface of the milk and folding air into the milk. A steam wand is incredibly useful for making coffee. If you regularly make coffee, then this steam wand is for you.


Does foaming milk make it sweeter?

Yes, foaming milk makes it sweeter. The heat breaks down the milk sugar called lactose and caramelizes it softly and adds sweetness.


Can you foam almond milk?

Yes, you can. Heat almond milk in a microwave-safe mug for half a minute or in a small saucepan on the stove just until it is very warm. In the meantime, start to blend your espresso or coffee. When the milk is warmed, it is time to froth. Now you can blend in a bit of sugar or sweetener to your heated milk if you'd like.


Why Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand is best for restaurants and cafes?

Though it works perfectly as a kitchen appliance, restaurants and cafes have a large coffee production need so they need the coffees to be perfect. This espresso machine steamer wand foams milk perfectly for the coffee so it is heavily demanded by restaurants and cafes.


How should you clean the Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand?

Use a bit of acid, either a bit of lemon peel or a couple of drops of plain vinegar, blended in with high temp water, to clean your steam wand (and tip). Soak for as little for five minutes and milk crud should clear right off.


When should the Foam Steamer Wand be wiped?

You should wipe your Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand after each use with a fabric cloth dedicated for this purpose. If this has been dismissed, then the only safe approach to remove the development is to wrap the wand firmly with a damp tea-towel and turn the steamer on for half a minute. You should keep the steam wand clean after you’re done making coffee.


Is it necessary to clean the steam wand after every use?

Yes, it is necessary for you to clean the steam wand after every time you use it. The reason that you have to clean the steam wand after each use is that the milk dries on it rapidly after the foaming procedure and dried milk is very difficult to remove after it is caked on.


How do you remove dried milk from the Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand?

You can place a spoonful of baking soda into a steaming pitcher 1/third full with water and steam that. It will separate the milk residue so you can clear it off without any problem. You should also keep a wet micro-fiber towel on the machine and use it for clearing off the wand after every use.


What is the price of Made Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand?

You will find Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand available at a very reasonable price Please call our official mobile number for latest price.


Where can I buy Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand in Dhaka Bangladesh?

You will find the Made Espresso Coffee Machine Foam Steamer Wand here at a reasonable price! Call us or visit our website. We, provide all sorts of kitchen appliances available in Bangladesh.


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