Super Shop Island End Gondola Shelves in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Heavey Duty Element: Super shop Island End Gondola Shelves is the best use of space with its heavy duty for vertical scaling of products. And with proper placement, you can optimize on the available space in your super shop.
  • End Gondola Size: The overall size of the end gondola is 6 ft in height, width 3 feet, length 3 ft which makes it an ideal shelve.
  • Total Racks: There are total 5 shelving racks in this gondola. The shelve which is in below is the base shelve. So you can decorate your items perfectly in it.
  • Price Tag Color: The price tag color is available in Green and Red. So you can choose one of them.
  • Durable Rack: A very best thing of all about Super shop Island End Gondola Shelves is that you will find these racks are durable and long lasting, so it definitely does makes an ideal investment for your super shop.

Product Features

·         Adjustable with Connector Gondola at the finishing point.
·         Standard color and design matched with Connector Gondola.
·         Perfect for product displaying system.
·         Customizable shelves, length and height.
·         User satisfied stability and durability.
·         Easy installation and setting up procedure.

Product Specification

·         Products Brand and type·         Island End Gondola
·         Material·         Cold roll steel
·         Surface treatment·         Powder coated
·         Color·         Custom requirement available
·         Design·         Double-sided
·         Thickness of upright·         1.8-2.5mm
·         Thickness of layer panel·         0.7/0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5mm
·         Thickness of back panel·         0.7/0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5mm
·         Thickness of bracket·         1.5/1.8/2.0/2.2/2.5mm
·         Double sided dimension·         1200x500x2000mm
·         Double sided dimension·         1200x1000x1800mm
·         End shelf detention·         1000x500x1800mm
·         OEM·         Available
·         Amount of layers·         Customer require available

Why Use This Product

Super shop Island End Gondola Shelves is one of the parts of other Gondolas like Starter Gondola and Connector Gondola Shelves. You can use this End Gondola with the connector gondola at the End of the Connector Gondola. During the marketing of the customer, when he reach at the end of the row and got unexpected end the sometimes might feel bore or might get dissatisfied, so you can add the End Gondola at the finishing point. Nevertheless, if you use the end Gondola you are getting chance of displaying some more products in the Super Shop. The length of the end gondola is usually matched with the width of Connector Gondola. Why you should choose Super shop Island End Gondola Shelves the only answer is it has few unique features that make it different. This Island Gondola is made with such a way that it will perfectly matched and fixed with the Connector Gondola.  Sometimes it is seen that due to congested space, arranging the product is not possible and is not possible to display perfectly but the shelves of this Island Gondola is so specious that you can display the product without facing any problem. When the gondolas are made with law materials and substance, it is natural and expected that it got spoilt and damage in the shortest possible time. Keeping the matter in mind Super shop Island End Gondola Shelves is made with high durability materials so that the user can use it longer time that he expect so. All the Island Gondola shelves are passed with hard test before leaving the companies. Often, Customer visit those shops which are nicely arranged and standard getup. For the completion of your requirement these Gondolas are attractive in design and its standard color enhance your shop view, that’s effective for increasing the traffic of customers. So, as the End Gondola Shelves is customer friendly, it is going to profit effective in your business. The use of these Island Gondolas are seen available in the developed countries and developing countries in the outside of our country. As these Gondolas are perfect equipment for super shop, so Bangladeshi Super Shop and Large Store Owner are starting using these gondolas for their business purpose. At present Super shop Island End Gondola Shelves are available in Dhaka Bangladesh. You can have it anytime from anywhere in Bangladesh.


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    This product use in my shop.product quality is excellent in my opinion.