Electronic Cash Register

Key Points Of Product

  • POS-friendly Device: Our Electronic Cash Register offers you tracking your customer transactions and speeding checkout time.
  • Dual Display: The dual display of this cash register helps 10 operators altogether to record sales, calculate change, give price look-ups and print customer receipts with ease. The customers will also feel special to see their ongoing transactions since customer display is also available.
  • ECR Machine: Our cash register accepts cards to ease transactions. This will give your customers to pay in various options. You can also set up the service charge, tax and VAT either separately or altogether.   
  • Works as Database: This cash register will keep the record of your daily, monthly, periodic, clerk and flash transactions so ease your accounting part in your business. Each transaction will be stored where none can do malpractice. Even you can store up to 10000 separate section-wise products name and prices for selling.
  • Attractive Cash Drawer: There is a built-in cash drawer with this digital cash register. It’s for you to keep money and other variables to give changes immediately to your beloved customers.
  • Integrated Thermal Printer: Our Electronic Cash Register comes with a built-in but separate thermal printer. You can use up to 57mm thermal paper in it.
  • Cost-Efficient: And the exciting thing is, you won’t have to spend extra cash on ink for printing purpose.
  • Lines Per Receipt: Using our electronic cash register machine, you can generate your brand awareness by providing your business name with a commercial message in every receipt to your customers. You can type up to 15 lines per receipt.
  • Additional Flat & Stroke Button: Our ECR electronic cash register features flat and stroke button to entry sales quickly and easily. You can print a receipt just within 5-10 seconds!
  • User-friendly Product: You can set up a password or security code in our digital cash register so that none can touch it without your consent.
  • Usage Area: Our electric cash register is highly recommended for super shop, grocery store, mini-store, beauty parlor or restaurants. 
  • Warranty: We provide 1-year Service warranty with our Electronic Cash Register all over in Bangladesh.

Product Features

·        Ideal product for super shop, grocery store, mini store, beauty parlor and restaurants etc.
·        Print 15 lines per receipt including your business name, address with a commercial message.
·        You can set service charge, vat and tax separately
·        Attractive cash drawer & dual display including customer display
·        You can print a complete receipt just within 5 -10 seconds!

Why Use This Product

What is Electronic Cash Register?

Our electronic cash register is an electronic device for recording and calculating cash transactions at the POS or point of sale. A cash register is normally connected to a drawer for saving cash. Our modern electronic cash register is actually connected to a built-in printer, which can print out receipts for transaction database purpose.


Why should you use the electronic cash register?

Our electronic cash register records money transactions that happen in your shop/grocery store/beauty parlor/restaurant. To keep your money safe, building a record of cash inflow and outflow is necessary. Our cash register does that just fine. It can further count and add taxes, generate receipts, and give basic sales tracking for your business. If you own a super shop, grocery store, mini-store, beauty parlor or restaurant, then you badly need this machine.

What is the difference between a cash register and a POS?

Basically, a cash register machine records money transactions, provides change and keeps the money. On the other hand, A POS system is an automated system, which manages business transactions, provides receipts, tracks inventory, and stores many types of transaction data.

The most interesting thing is, our electronic cash register does that both!

 How to install the cash register?

  • Open your cash register and plug it in
  • Put batteries if needed
  • Install the receipt paper
  • Unhitch the till drawer
  • Turn your cash register on
  • Process your cash register

Having trouble to understand? No need to worry, our support team will set you up with it.


How to use electronic cash register?

  • Make a security code to use the register.
  • Key in the price for the first item
  • Tap the corresponding function button
  • Attach any required discounts to the price
  • Key in amounts for the leftover products
  • Tap the subtotal button.
  • Know how the customer is going to pay
  • Close the till drawer

Having trouble to understand? Don't worry, our support team will be there to assist you.


Why is it called a till?

The cash register is a derivative of the Anglo-Norman word “tylle” meaning “compartment” or Middle English “tillen” meaning “draw”. So, it means till was a draw under the counter that is used to store cash.

Our cash register machine comes with a drawer to put cash and many items.


What is an ECR system?

Basically, an ECR System is an Electronic Cash Register which is a machine that acknowledges various types of payment. One of the best things about the Electronic Cash Registers is that they help with on-the-job requirements for employees.


Does Electronic Cash Register need ink?

The great thing about classic cash registers is that they have an in-built receipt printer and most of the time, it will be placed on the left-hand side. Thermal printers don't need ink as they utilize a unique paper that is covered with a heat-sensitive material that is known as thermal paper.


What size of thermal paper can you use in this electronic cash register?

The required size for the thermal paper that you can use in this Electronic Cash Register is between 50mm to 57mm. The thermal paper can be used with the thermal printers as they are covered with a heat-sensitive material.


Can this ECR cash register work as a database?

Yes, this ECR cash register can work as a database because it can store different types of records. If you want to store daily, monthly, periodic, clerk, flash or all of these reports, you can do that with these ECR cash register.


What are the pros of electronic cash registers?

Electronic cash registers provide various benefits to businesses such as tracking client transactions and speeding checkout time. Most models are trouble-free to use and they also give accurate record keeping. The standard models come with the keyboard, display and printer. Our electronic cash register will allow you to store any type of reports you want. For the most part, electronic cash registers include software in the basic cost that permits you to charge the proper sales tax, run reports and identifying sales by employee. Security is another advantage of using an electronic cash register. The cash drawer on an electronic cash register locks automatically, so only the users who are authorized can log in with a password.


What are the cons of electronic cash registers?

While there are not many disadvantages of electronic cash registers, there are things that you would need to consider. Electronic cash registers are easy to use but they require some training to operate. Models can change, so training on a new register is vital regardless of whether you have experience working with cash registers. The instructions for using a cash register can vary because of the model you buy and the type of entries you can make on the machine. However, we assure you that you will not find any issues with our electronic cash register and you should know that we have an incredible service team ready to assist you.


Is the Electronic Cash Register user-friendly?

Electronic Cash Register is a user-friendly product that is very easy to use. While our service support team can train you but once you know how to use it, you will not have any issues while utilizing this electronic cash register.


How is this electronic cash register different than other cash registers?

Our electronic cash register is durable and safe to use. It is incredibly reliable in tracking customer transactions and speeding checkout time. Just within 5-10 seconds, you can print a complete receipt. You can save daily, monthly, periodic, clerk and flash report effortlessly using this electronic cash register. We always ensure the longevity of our products so you can be assured that this cash register will last you for a long time.


What is the price of Electronic Cash Register?

Electronic Cash Register Price Starts from 32,000 Taka and price above price depends on quality, after sales service.


Where can I buy Electronic Cash Register in Dhaka Bangladesh?

You will find the Electronic Cash Register available at Nobarun International.


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