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Key Points Of Product

  • Multiple Sales Report: Supermarket Point of Sale Software records sales reports very quickly and easily. The point of sales software is very useful for shop management system when a customer comes to buy and take some product, money receipt and pay some money. Immediate updates in sales and purchase records hourly, weekly and monthly gives you a better idea of how your business is performing.
  • Integrated with Inventory: This pos system software can be integrated with inventory management to maintain the data and quantities of your business.
  • Purchase management: Supermarket Point of Sale Software enables overall purchase management where you can see the list of purchases and also you can add purchases later if you want.
  • Multiple Payment System: This pos system software allows multiple payment methods. Using cash register, you can only take payments in cash. On the other hand, you can accept both cash and card for your customer’s payments.
  • Use Multiple Environment: You can use the Supermarket Point of Sale Software by connecting the internet or website based. But you can also use this software on your desktop.
  • Data backup Facility: Supermarket Point of Sale Software has the data backup or restore facility where your data will be safe and will not get deleted. The point of sale system makes it simple for you to look up past transactions. You can easily see the record of any past transaction information very easily.

Product Features

Unlike a cash register, a point of sale system often includes an overall inventory management system.
It manages prices and discounts of the particular item.
Very easy to use for day to day operation.
Multiple payment methods are available
It is easy to look up past transactions
Customers receive more informative itemized receipts with a point of sale devices

Why Use This Product

POS is an acronym for Factor of Selling or Point-of-Sale. The term can be applied to a retail shop store or super shop, the checkout/cashier counter in the shop, or a location where such dealings can happen in this type of atmosphere. It can also apply to the actual Point of Selling (POS) Components & Software such as but not restricted to: electronic check out techniques, touch-screen show, bar code readers, invoice photo printers, machines and road shows. The point of Selling Systems are found in many different sectors, varying from restaurants, resorts & hospital companies, nail/beauty parlours, gambling houses, arenas, and let's not forget - the retail or super shop surroundings. In the most basic sense, if something can be interchanged for financial value - a Point of Selling System can be used.Supermarket Point of Sale Software is, at heart, a checkout — but because it’s based on a PC, it reveals up a new world of data about your business.The primary advantage of a point of sale program over a money box or a check out is the innovative and specific revenue reviews it provides. The software allows you to evaluate sales in different methods, such as by SKU (item sold), times of your time, special offers, by the store if you have more than one, or even by a salesperson. It will help your stock administrator buy in the right variety of boxes of cells document with enhanced moment and help your cook determine how much dairy products to order for the coming week, considering a forthcoming holiday. It can also help reduce worker shrinking. The days of traditional cash registers are almost over, as today's upgraded Supermarket Point of Sale Software has expanded its reputation in the last few years. POS techniques have given an enormous increase in many of the retail store entrepreneurs or super shop owners because they not only rate up transaction services but also give real-time information about stock and customers. It allows separate suppliers to do things that were not possible with old money signs up, simplifying their business in all types of ways. As the need for a more effective and extremely protected transaction process is ever improving, POS techniques are an important resource to the success of any retail store or super shop business. The component of splitting customer bills becomes a natural process when using the Supermarket Point of Sale Software program, which means there will be no lines to deal with at such shops. Also, it is possible to send invoices through email and handle them as well using this technique. The effects, in that case, is that employees are working at shops with retail store POS systems will have no trouble obtaining and preserving such invoices. Managing your customers happens seamlessly through such a system because once the data of a particular customer is captured, which includes their name, it is possible to track their transactions over a given period. These details will include the email address of the customer as well as their purchasing history, which helps stores identify their loyal customers. That information yields a better understanding of the products that particular customers love purchasing from your store and it is possible to develop a loyalty program for such customers. Eventually, that leads to an increase in sales for various stores. As a super shop owner, if you are considering how you can increase the efficiency of your staff. That cannot happen if they cannot manage several features even as they provide customers. Having the Supermarket Point of Sale Software simplifies the process of handling receipts as well as customer support, enabling your staff to function effectively while not wasting time considerably. That level of versatility through such a strategy is what improves the efficiency of workers, due to the improvement of features. That information is retrievable from the system’s hard drive to accomplish reorder levels. Therefore, by using this program, you will not need to employ extra employees to help you handle your stock, which increases the working costs. Tracking of stocks using the super shop or retail store POS program helps you get the best time to restock, the season when the need for particular products is high and the amount to order to avoid wastages and attaching up of resources.


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