Instant Coffee & Tea Maker Vending Machine

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Key Points Of Product

  • Instant Coffee & Tea Maker Machine: Sometimes you or your customers need a cup of coffee or Tea in a short of time; a situation you need a machine like Coffeewala” Instant Coffee & Tea Maker Vending Machine that is perfect because it can make coffee & tea instantly.
  • Types of Machine: Two Types of Machine available. In the Jar type Machine, you need to refill the jar on the machine like a water filter, Another is Pump Type Coffee Machine who has a pump under the machine so that the machine will suck the water through the pipe.
  • Hot Water Option: “Coffeewala”Instant Coffee & Tea Maker Vending Machine has a particular option for tea, coffee, hot water or a half cup. You can use it for Ginger tea (ada cha) and don’t need any kind of LPG gas for normal customer. 
  • Half Cup Facility: If your customer or someone demands only half cup of coffee or tea, then you can press the half cup “Coffeewala” option for him. 
  • High Quality Sensor: The disadvantage of being a thermostat coffee or tea vending machine is that can become overheated, water leakage if you use continuously. In this case, our high-quality sensor works just fine. If the machine needs 75-90 degree temperature, the sensor will provide automatically so taste is stable. 
  • Low Electricity Cost: If you use Our “Coffeewala”Instant Coffee & Tea Maker Vending Machine 10-12 hours in a day, at the end of the month the electricity cost will be only about 400-480 TAKA that is low.
  • Lifetime Service Warranty: You just have to honor us by using our “Coffeewala” Instant Coffee & Tea Maker Vending Machine, tea powder, cups, and etc. We can give all the service you need after buying our machine till the day you use our materials. Parts Available: Parts are available in our shop. Though we are providing a lifetime warranty you can buy all the parts from our shop.
  • One Time Cup Available: We sell and can provide one time cups for you all the time. Normally paper cup and plastic both are available. But the paper cup will be effective and cost-effective. Even you can print in your company’s logo on the cup if you want.But MOQ is 32,000 Pcs Only.

Product Features

·         Classical appearance design, tempering glass panel, touch screen press button, adopt accessories
·         8 kinds of drinks (cappuccino, Americano, espresso, mocha, latte, coffee, milk tea and other), or above 2 kinds of mixing drinks, or hot water
·         When the machine is in use, if the water outlet of the inner pipeline is not smooth, this system can solve the problem easily
·         You can adjust water temperature freely according to the different season
·         Lifetime service warranty

Product Specification

·         Water Supply·         20 Ltr Jar/Mounted Top
·         Option·         Coffee, Tea & Hot Water
·         Dispensing Rate·         6-10 cup/Min
·         Power Supply·         220 volt
·         Watt·         2000 watt
·         Monthly Electric Bill·         400-480 taka (Daily 10 hour Running)
·         Canisters·         2
·         Type·         Jar Type/Pump Type
·         Warranty·         Lifetime

Why Use This Product

If you own a restaurant or a coffee shop or a food court where you sell tea and coffee, tea maker machine for business is a must need. There is a variety of coffee and tea maker machines available in the market. But sometimes there comes a situation like people about 30-40 come into your restaurant or coffee shop in a rush hour and how would you handle the situation if 90% of them ask for a tea or coffee? You cannot serve them one by one because then their visit will be first and last to your restaurant. So you need a good tea coffee vending machine that can produce 6-10 cups in a minute. Then you will be able to serve tea or coffee to all of them just in 5-10 minutes. Our “Coffeewala” Instant Coffee & Tea Maker Vending Machine  is a kind machine that we are talking about.

Suppose, you are working in a corporate office or you are the manager of a commercial area where more than 100 people work here. When the tea break comes, they will be craving for a coffee or tea instantly. How can you provide all of them at a time? If you install “Coffeewala” Instant Coffee & Tea Maker Vending Machine  in your office then it will do the job for you. As we mentioned, it takes a minute to produce 6-10 cups coffee or tea. You just give it 10 minutes of time, after that coffee or tea will be in everyone's hands.

Every individual likes to have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning and afternoon time hours that refreshes minds as well as make their day loaded with joy and top quality. But what if you have a bad cup of tea or coffee with no taste of your choice? This seems to be to be like something you do not want to think about but as every problem has an alternate, “Coffeewala” Instant Coffee & Tea Maker Vending Machine  can serve you cappuccino, Americano, espresso, mocha, latte, coffee, milk tea and other, or above 2 kinds of mixing drinks, or hot water or 8 kinds of drinks which will help you to have a perfect taste of your choosing without any effort. Although our best coffee tea maker makes coffee or tea quickly, it does not compromise with the taste and quality. With top-notch taste and quality, our Nescafe tea and coffee maker machine serves the best tea or coffee in a minute. A cup of coffee or tea from our “Coffeewala” Instant Coffee & Tea Maker Vending Machine  can refresh your mind as you just have to add a cup water to it and get ready to have an immediate cup of tea. Besides this, there are many perks of it which motivates you to buy this immediate tea premix. Making any vending machine coffee or tea compatible and suitable is generally an exercise in compromise. All vending machines have a certain number of canisters for powder or instant products. The most commercial tea coffee maker machine on the market is three canister vending, followed by four canisters then five etc. The two elements which are usually a must for tea and coffee. This results in the last staying pipe for one of the following four options: hot chocolate, sugar, soup or tea. Instant tea for vending machines is generally tea which has been pre-brewed and then dehydrated like the same as immediate coffee is to allow it to be mixed later with the standard water changing it into tea instantly without the need of filter papers. The benefits of using “Coffeewala” Instant Coffee & Tea Maker Vending Machine  as instead of just having a hot standard mineral water option available or having an “everything but setting” is two parts. By minimizing tea bags completely, you eliminate the possibility of theft. Also by having tea within the product, making it made much the same way coffee is, indicates that you do not need to have milk and sugar outside of the product like you would with just having a hot standard mineral water option. Ensuring all your elements are kept within the product indicates eliminating theft and neglect of all tea and coffee relevant consumables. An average 4 canister vending system would be set up as below when using vendtea. The advantages of using just the hot water option are that it liberates up most of choices and canisters to use other ingredients. Our “Coffeewala” Instant Coffee & Tea Maker Vending Machine  is designed with a particular hot water system, coffee, and tea even half cup option key which does not use any other ingredients in the product. With the kinds of advantages that are offered by investing in our “Coffeewala” Instant Coffee & Tea Maker Vending Machine  for tea or coffee, one may expect that it demonstrates to be the wisest and the most useful step towards a better working environment.



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    both tea and coffee can be made together ?

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    Bought 1 pcs of product for our office.

    Excellent service.

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    We use this awesome tea coffee machine in our restaurant HEBANG

    good quality

    good service

    good after sales support

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      Mirpur 12

    Satisfied with service

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    My location is Shekhertek
    customer like the taste of coffee & tea

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    Khub valo ca and coffee machine.
    bebohar kore khub moja pacchi ebong maler quality khub valo.

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    Good quality product

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    Excellent tea and coffee machine

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    My shop is Mymensingh and i am happy with their products and service.

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    Smart product

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    7 cup instant coffee or tea in one minute.
    reasonable price
    Good after sales service.