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Key Points Of Product

  • Top Quality Product: PAN Fried Ice Cream Roll Maker Machine is made of top-notch quality food grade stainless steel materials. We make no mistakes and no compromises with the quality. So you will be satisfied with this ice cream roll machine.
  • Super Functional Life: This instant fried ice cream machine can make various ice cream rolls. You can make various types of ice-cream including soft or hard, ice mud, smoothies, snow ice, slush, ice porridge, fruit ice, etc. Ice roll machine enhances the taste also maintains rich nutrition and refreshing flavor.
  • LCD Control Panel: Generally commercial fried ice cream machine has the LCD Control Panel where you can see the temperature and you can control through it. Its lowest temperature can reach -35 degree. You can easily increase or decrease the temperature quickly by this control panel.  
  • User-friendly Operating System: Fried ice cream machine is easy to handle. It is the advanced fried ice cream machine, which can make ice-cream instantly. You can also carry this machine here to there because this is a lightweight product compared to other commercial kitchen appliances.
  • Consistent Performance: PAN Fried Ice Cream Roll Maker Machine has the built in quality thermal insulation organism. The efficient fan of this machine keeps the compressor cool when need and ultimately, which also protects the compressor. And this ice cream roll machine offers an outstanding performance with imported brand compressors.
  • Stainless Steel PAN: The pan is made of pure stainless steel that is robust and durable. So the pan is ready to serve for a long time. 
  • Durable: This fried ice cream machine offers long service life. The ice cream machine implements the top quality stainless steel that lasts longer.

Product Features

·         It can make various ice cream
·         Its lowest temperature can reach -35 degree
·         It can use pure water, plus a prepared formula and fruit drinks
·         Stainless steel pan
·         Ideal for restaurant, café, ice cream parlor, food court and etc.
·         The production out of fried ice cream and diverse range of food colors

Product Specification

·         Pan Number·         Single/Double
·         Voltage·         220V/110V
·         Dimension(L*W*H)·         610*610*800mm
·         Material·         Stainless Steel
·         Weight·         65kg

Why Use This Product

Today we discuss about PAN Fried Ice Cream Roll Maker Machine.

Ice cream is one of the regular treats during warm-weather. When we talk about ice cream we feel it as an icy mixture of cream, milk, sugar, and flavorings. Making ice cream is usually time intensive and slowly process, with several issues about protecting from viruses and having the custard right. With this method, the element becomes smooth mellifluous and can be prepared in really easy without gum area, stabilizers, and emulsifiers. Generally, we know about common ice cream, but the roll ice cream is entirely a different item. It is an awesome and cold lovely. This ice cream is also well-known as thai deep-fried ice cream. The Thai ice cream or mixed ice cream is often a hand-made ice cream designed out of wonderful flavor added, mixed with various elements like fresh fruits, egg, and deserts on the ice-pan. The ice cream rolls are made by properly pouring a base of sugary milk on a very cold steel surface. Metal scrapers are then applied to chop ice cream toppings in the base and suitably scrape it around to make air. When the base is solid and frozen, it is distribute very finely and crawled at a specific angle to make the amazing ice cream rolls. The ice cream rolls are then properly kept in a suitable cup. Finally, it is smothered with ingredients like chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and fresh fruits. To make these things efficiently, you must need an instant ice cream rolls machine. This is why we bring PAN Fried Ice Cream Roll Maker Machine at your door.

PAN Fried Ice Cream Roll Maker Machine let you make the smooth ice cream easily while your natural taste of elements. These products allow you to get ready customized smooth ice cream mixed and chopped with clean healthy elements. If you want to set up a 2017 pan roll smooth ice cream system for your food related business, you can purchase PAN Fried Ice Cream Roll Maker Machine and get loads of benefits. According to your customer’s choice, you possibly can make a rolled ice cream in less than 2 minutes. The temperature of this ice cream roll making machine can reach -35 degree. You can feel that it’s not just a smooth ice cream – it’s very much fascinating and satisfying too. PAN Fried Ice Cream Roll Maker Machine can be different in number of pans or plates, designs, sizes, control panels, and defrost functions, storage, power, voltage, and refrigerating fluid. But this PAN Fried Ice Cream Roll Maker Machine is an ideal choice for all the ice cream parlor or restaurants in Bangladesh. You can buy ice cream roll machine for their home usage, or food business reasons. The reason may be anything, but you must invest in that machine which provides you most.

Let's see how for making ice cream with PAN Fried Ice Cream Roll Maker Machine -

Start by mixing the milk, heavy cream, sugar, and salt straight into a large metal skillet. Use a heat-resistant rubber spatula to mix everything with each other. Put the skillet on your stove over heated. Keep mix while the milk heats up and the sugar touches, or else your sugar might begin to lose up on the bottom of the pan. Continue mixing until a mixture comes to a vapor, then remove from the heated entirely and let a mixture awesome to room temperature. Once base is cool, distribute your major of choice over the soft ice cream system. You may choose to use toppings such as sprinkles, Oreo cookies, cookies, fruits, Nutella, and so on. Use large scrapers to piece the toppings and mix them into the soft ice cream. Moving around the soft ice cream base will create air, which will have a creamy, well-textured soft ice cream. Once the toppings are included in the ice cream base, squeeze package into the fridge for 4 times. The soft ice cream needs to be extra cold to be able to fresh it into comes. So when that third time attacks, please be patient—or your ice cream will end up a soaked mistake. Once the toppings are included in the soft ice cream base, squeeze package into the fridge for 4 times. The soft ice cream needs to be extra cold to be able to fresh it into comes. So when that third time attacks, please, be patient—or your ice cream will end up a soaked mistake.  Once your ice cream is cold strong along with your plate and scrapers, it's the perfect a opportunity to earn some ice cream rolls! Before you take the skillet out of the fridge, you must be warned. This is not an opportunity to dilly-dally—you must act fast from the moment the skillet comes out of the fridge and touches the kitchen counter. Quickly fresh the ice cream into comes by putting large clean at a place against the edge of the pan, pushing properly forward. If the ice cream needs a little help creating, use a butter knife to make the piece of cream into the move. Arranged the ice cream rolls gently into your frozen bowl. Then, top it with whatever you please—more sprinkles, whipped cream, fudge, caramel, or fresh fruit. That is what this PAN Fried Ice Cream Roll Maker Machine does best.

Now dig in and enjoy your work with PAN Fried Ice Cream Roll Maker Machine 


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