2 Wheel Electric Hoverboard Scotter With Handle Bar in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Handle for Easy Operate: The flexible 2 Wheel Electric Hoverboard Scotter With Handle Bar will give you the feel and ease to ride left to right and right to left. So it will go according to you turning directions whether it is left or right!   
  • Big Size WheelWe can provide 8 inch to maximum 19 inch wheel size for you. It is especially for our customer choice
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The interesting thing is you will not get bored while riding. Because you can listen songs, FM radio by connecting Bluetooth.
  • Load Capacity: This specialized hoverboard scooter can carry at least 100-160 kg.
  • Charging Details: This hoverboard is totally electronic so it performs on charge. You will able to see the charging details. 
  • Running Speed & Distance: This up to date double wheel scooter can go 18km/h. So you can roam with it in nearby places very easily. 
  • Display & Indicator: 2 Wheel Electric Hoverboard Scotter With Handle Bar has LED indicator Display so that you can ride anytime day or night. You will able to ride with clear vision at night due to that LED lighting. Thus it will help you from accident while riding. 
  • Parts Availability: You do not have to worry if any parts of this hoverboard get interrupt; we can deliver all types of parts even we can import you from outside.

Product Features

·         Easy to ride here and there with handling flexibility
·         Less chance of accident due to speed meter and LED lighting
·         Customizable wheels.
·         Integrates with Bluetooth so that you can play Music or FM Radio
·         Parts availability
·         It can go 18km per hour

Product Specification

·         Product Name·         2 Wheel Electric Hoverboard Scotter With Handle Bar
·         Brand Name·         Different Brand
·         Power·         2000W ( 1000W*2 )
·         Voltage·         36v
·         Charging Time·         5-8 hours
·         Speed·         15-18km/hr
·         Tire Size·         Customizable (8 inch – 19 inch)
·         Battery·         Lead-Acid 36V 12Ah ; Lithium
·         Motor·         2000W ( 1000W*2 )
·         Handle size·         80-110CM adjustable
·         Max load·         100-160 kg
·         LED Light·         Yes

Why Use This Product

2 Wheel Electric Hoverboard Scotter With Handle Bar is a unique scooter that can be used for action from one aspect to the other. However, they are still key to individuals since their way of life have not been absolutely used. However, there are some functions which make this segway scooter useful and attractive. Nowadays a number of areas are using 2 Wheel Electric Hoverboard Scotter With Handle Bar so as to increase performance as well as to lessen people energy persistence consumption. You can use them anywhere both in the city and non-urban environment. The self balancing scooter This Hoverboard Scotter With Handle Bar provides you with innovative level convenience with quick action in both conditions.

2 Wheel Electric Hoverboard Scotter With Handle Bar have a detachable battery pack that can be billed at anytime. Get battery pack billed when needed, be it in your home, and all you need is an electric socket. The lithium battery pack of the electric hoverboard scooter makes sure superior performance. Nowadays, there are a lot of tasks designed towards getting a save environment for both human and animal way of life. Self-balancing 2 Wheel Electric Hoverboard Scotter With Handle Bar is not only cost-effective, but they are ecologically beneficial as well. Besides, they produce less sound and don’t release dangerous gases to the environment, so they do not cause a lot of pollution contrary to other automobile vehicles. Thus, they improve a eco-friendly environment that preserves healthy way of life. The featherweight of this segway hoverboard provides a simple automobile vehicle parking. This Scotter is able to decrease journey time, particularly when you are going to short varies. No matter in your area or what number of rush hours you agree to, this can help save you lots of your initiatives as well as. Also, you will not be suffering from traffic circulation. With this 2 Wheel Electric Hoverboard Scotter With Handle Bar, once you are on top, you will immediately have the best self balance through shifting you, your toes, heels, and body. The flexible handle will help you to keep balance with it. These types of of segway hoverboard have wide based as opposed to former hence constant from falling and bright LED light will reduce much chances of accident while you will ride at night. Though hard to believe but it is true that Scotter riding can be an effective work out for your body. This segway hoverboard generating can avoid creating humpback as the motorist needs to keep his back directly while generating it. Moreover, the throat, wide range, sections, feet, feet, and hand get completely proved helpful out. Through the continuous muscular action, one's whole body goes through a dynamic and relaxed state at the same time that enables you to make the cerebellum and boost the mind intelligence. 2 Wheel Electric Hoverboard Scotter With Handle Bar is quite simple to manage, handle and operate, so you can use it without suffering from any problems.  Along with this, you can also go through simple recommendations which will can help you to handle your segway hoverboard easily. LED light is one of the most eye-catching well-known feature of this electronic hoverboard. The hoverboard style is incredibly eye-catching which is not large or huge.  Along with this, they also have a powerful light framework that let you to carry it anywhere easily. If you want to get incredible advantages, you can instantly buy hoverboard online.Nobarun International is an excellent and effective website which gives you an excellent opportunity to buy the best and classy double wheel segway scooter very easily.


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